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Tips For Entertaining in Your Backyard

Who doesn’t love a good backyard party? They’re the perfect way to enjoy the summer weather and have some fun with friends and family. If you’re planning on throwing one (or a few) this year, here are our very best tips for entertaining in your backyard.

Tips for Entertaining in Your Backyard

Summer is about kicking back, relaxing with your friends and family, and savouring the beautiful weather. And what better way to do all three than to entertain in your backyard? Keep the party going all summer long with these tips for entertaining in your backyard.

Focus on comfort

two women sitting on patio furniture in a backyard.

You can’t have fun if you’re not comfortable, so the first thing on your list should be to create a comfortable, cozy environment for all of your guests. 

Choose plush and durable patio furniture, so your guests can comfortably lounge around. The Audrey Sofa from Cabana Coast at Fireplace Center and Patio Shop is the perfect combination of spacious and comfortable for your guests to relax and mingle.

If you’re planning on hosting kids, try resin patio furniture. It’s the easiest to clean while providing comfort and durability, so your little guests can spill as much fruit punch as they want without stressing out the grown-ups. 

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Set the mood with outdoor lighting

Cozy backyard with a pergola and patio furniture.

If you’re entertaining in your backyard – which you probably are if you’re reading this article – you can expect your party to continue into the night. While indoors, this is nothing to think twice about. Outdoors is a different story because it gets dark. 

Ambient lighting to set the mood of your outdoor space is a game changer. Not only will it shed much-need light for your guests, but a nice set of string lights or lanterns will drastically impact the overall feel of your backyard. 

Outdoor lighting creates a beautiful, inviting atmosphere that will make your guests want to stay out all night. Or at least until you kick them out. 

Get a firepit

Bring your ambience to the next level with a firepit. Firepits create the perfect cozy atmosphere for any outdoor hangout, and they’re also great for warmth during cool nights, roasting marshmallows, and telling scary stories. 

And, of course, it keeps the bugs away! Win-win-win. 

Try the Alea fire pit if you want something sleek and functional for your outdoor space.

Prep & cook while entertaining in your backyard

Couple cooking together in their outdoor kitchen.

Imagine this: instead of running in and out from the stuffy, overheated kitchen to the backyard, trying not to spill or drop anything on the way, and missing out on all the fun while your guests mingle – you could be preparing everything outside, right in the middle of the party. 

Preparing food and drinks outside for your guests is easier and cleaner. Plus, you won’t have to suffer alone in a boiling kitchen while all your friends enjoy the nice weather. An outdoor kitchen is a must if you love entertaining in your backyard. 

Need some inspiration for how to execute your outdoor kitchen? Read our blog.

Prepare a drink station

Provide a drink station or bar cart where your guests can get refills. Stock up on ice and boozy drinks – or if the kids are around, simply fill it with non-alcoholic beverages like juice and sparkling water.

Get a wood fire oven

Hands placing a pizza in a wood fire oven while entertaining in a backyard.

What better food to share with friends and family than a pizza? With the Morso outdoor oven, you can serve authentic wood-fired pizzas or even host pizza-making parties. Always a guaranteed crowd-pleaser for kids and foodies. 

An outdoor oven isn’t just for making pizza. The options are endless —sear succulent steaks or smoke fresh salmon. You can count on whatever you serve to bring your hosting game to the next level. 

Install a canopy to keep the weather out

There’s nothing more disappointing than an unexpected downpour in the middle of your backyard party. Entertain in your backyard no matter the weather by installing a ceiling or retractable canopy. Keep your seating area dry and your guests happy. 

Even in sunshine, a ceiling or canopy will provide comfortable shade and protect your guests from getting burnt. 

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