Outdoor kitchen in backyard.

Create the Perfect Outdoor Kitchen in Your Backyard

A backyard is an extension of your home that you can use for anything from relaxing in the sun to hosting a barbecue with friends. If you’re looking to add a new addition to your outdoor living space, then an outdoor kitchen may be just what you need!  No matter what type of design or size fits your needs, we have some tips that will help make sure all the details come together seamlessly.

Tips for Creating an Outdoor Kitchen

We’ve all been spending more time at home. Not surprisingly, home improvement projects have skyrocketed since the pandemic. It only makes sense to invest in your living space if you’re spending all of your time there.

In the summertime, that space includes your backyard. Having an outdoor space to kick back and relax after a long day at work (ahem, home) has become essential. Even more, you don’t want to be stuck inside cooking dinner. The frying pan spitting, the oven blasting, the sun beating down from that window you’ve cracked open to get a whisper of a breeze. 

So how do you take the kitchen outside and create your own outdoor kitchen? Here are a few steps to get started.

Invest in the right grill for your outdoor kitchen

Man grilling food in his outdoor kitchen in backyard

The grill is the heart of your outdoor kitchen. This is where the magic happens – by magic, we mean grilled burgers, steaks, shish kebabs, corn on the cob – all that delicious summer food. Want some inspiration for meals on the grill? Check out our 20 easy grill recipes

So which grill should you invest in for your outdoor kitchen?

Gas grills

The most common type of grill is powered by a liquid propane tank or a conversion kit that connects to your house. Gas grills give you more temperature control, and they’re quick to heat up, so you can get grilling right away. They’re a great option if you’re looking for something fast and convenient with minimal maintenance. 

Got a big family, or plan on entertaining lots of guests? The Napoleon Prestige Pro 825 is a top-of-the-line gas grill with two separate grills. Built with durable stainless steel and infrared burners for the perfect sear, this grill is ideal for hosting parties or family dinners. 

Charcoal grills

Charcoal grills give that classic smoky flavour to your food. They take longer to heat up, and you have to clean the grill and dispose of the leftover charcoal ash. But with the Napoleon Charcoal Professional Grill, which comes with an easy slide-out pan for ash and drip, cleanup only takes a few seconds. 

Pellet grills

Pellet grills burn wood pellets and add that smoky wood flavour to your food. Different wood pellets give you different flavours, so you really can control the taste of your food! You can grill traditionally with these, but they are designed for grilling or smoking at a lower temperature. Some may find this inconvenient, but pellet grills like the Green Mountain Daniel Boone Prime Plus let you control and monitor your grill wherever you go with an app.   

Get your kitchen islands and countertops

Couple cooking in outdoor kitchen in backyard.

For the rest of your outdoor kitchen, you need space to prep your food and storage for all of your kitchen tools. You don’t want to be running back and forth from the patio back into the house or carrying armfuls of kitchenware back and forth.

The Napoleon outdoor kitchen components let you build your own custom kitchen island. They offer varying parts with drawers and cabinets for counter space and storage, so you can store all of your outdoor cooking tools outside. 

Find comfortable & durable outdoor furniture

To really enjoy your time outside, you need to find furniture that’s durable but comfortable enough to spend all evening in. That’s right. Put those flimsy fold-up chairs back in the garage.

Aluminum is a popular choice for outdoor furniture because it’s naturally corrosion-resistant and lighter than stainless steel. Cast aluminum furniture – like these Ratana bar chairs and this Cabana Coast dining table – is the most durable. Cast aluminum is built with a powder-coat finish for extra protection and durability, so it will make your furniture last a lifetime.

Another option is PVC resin (polyvinyl chloride resin). This stuff is waterproof, rust-proof, and stain-proof, and it’s super easy to clean. But don’t just buy the cheap stuff – it can be prone to colour loss and warped shapes from the weather. 

Finally, all-weather wicker is a beautiful choice for patio furniture. This wicker is built to withstand all kinds of weather but with a cozier aesthetic than other options like aluminum. Options like the Cabana Coast’s Aubrey Sofa and Coffee Table, crafted with handwoven all-weather wicker with an aluminum base, will make your patio comfortable enough to stay out all night. 

Set the mood 

Meal served on a table in outdoor kitchen.

Once you’ve picked out some comfortable, durable furniture for your outdoor kitchen, now it’s time for the extra touches that will really bring everything together.

Get a firepit

I’m sorry, but no outdoor space is complete without a firepit. Firepits make any backyard instantly warm and welcoming and allow your dinner party to continue into the night. There’s nothing better than a balmy summer night cuddled up by the fire, roasting wieners or marshmallows with the kids, or chatting with your friends over a couple of glasses of wine. 

The Dekko Alea, a stylish firepit that’s lower to the ground for extra warmth and accessibility, will be the perfect centrepiece for your outdoor kitchen.


Now for the final touches. Once you’ve got the foundation of your outdoor kitchen, it’s time to really bring the ambience together. Decorate your outdoor kitchen with lanterns, string or fairy lights, outdoor cushions, beach rocks, plants, and whatever other personal touches you’d like. The more you decorate, the more inviting your outdoor kitchen will be. 

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