The past few years has seen an unprecedented increase in purchases of fireplaces. Working from home has led to people finally getting around to the renovations they had been putting off. This high demand for fireplaces has caused inventory shortages, pressures on supply chains and, in some instances, long wait times for delivery. 

ln anticipation of these inventory shortages, we have made sure to have more stock on-hand than usual. If you are planning a renovation project for this year, we strongly recommend that you order your fireplace soon to ensure you have everything you need to get started. 

We encourage you to discuss your project with our expert team beforehand to ensure that you have the right products for your renovations.


Yes! We will happily order any of the fireplaces we carry directly from the manufacturer for you. Placing your order through us ensures that you get the fastest delivery possible.

Delivery may take up to 3-6 months for certain products. Ordering as soon as you have made your decision will help ensure you receive yours on time.

Visit either of our locations or give us a call! Our expert staff will help guide you through the process of selecting your new fireplace and placing the order for exactly what you will need.



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