Ortal blends modern luxury with innovation, meticulously crafting each gas fireplace from superior materials for unmatched elegance and efficiency in your home.

Refined Warmth

For over three decades, Ortal has redefined the art of fire, emerging as the world's foremost designer of sophisticated, frameless gas fireplaces. With a dedicated focus on aesthetics and the advancement of exclusive fire technologies, these products are crafted to surpass the most exacting standards of architects, designers, and discerning homeowners.

Ortal offers a diverse range of designs, from standalone to front-facing and three-sided models, catering to every unique preference and bringing exceptional warmth and style to your space.

Over 30 Years of Unparalleled Luxury

Efficient Elegance

Ortal leads the way in fireplace innovation, combining modern aesthetics with unmatched efficiency. The unique burner design maximizes gas utilization for optimal warmth, ensuring both substantial heating savings and a reduced environmental impact.

Why Choose Ortal

Cool Wall Technology

Heat Control System

Direct Vent

Internal Lighting

Smartphone Technology

Creative Interiors

Experience Elegance and Warmth at The Fireplace Center

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