White fireplace with a fire in a living room

Decorating Your Fireplace for Autumn

A cozy blanket, a warm cup of cider, and a festive fall fireplace make snuggling by the fireplace even better. Decorating your fireplace can transform your house into a home that suits the season and creates lasting memories.

Whether you prefer rustic, glamour, or any other style, you can find the right items and arrange them to make your fireplace a cozy and colourful focal point. Our list of fall fireplace décor ideas has something for everyone.

Before we jump into the various styles, let us liberate you from the need to set up your display in a specific way. Note the word PLAY in “display” … that’s a hint!

Symmetry Is NOT Your Friend

White fireplace with fall décor including feathers and picture frames

Get creative and have fun arranging items on your fireplace. Don’t get stuck on symmetry! Try a wave, where items go from tall to short intermittently as your eyes move along the fireplace, or start tall on one side, trickling down to end low on the other. Using only one side of the fireplace is actually quite stylish too! And don’t forget the hearth… that is some prime decorating real estate if you choose to include it in your theme.

Colour Play

Different colours of vases on a fireplace

You can play with colour by dispersing a standout colour throughout or bundling the same-coloured items together. Just be sure that all the colours in use complement each other or relate to the room’s colour scheme.

The Rustic Look

Pine cones, red candles, rustic décor on a fireplace

This may be the easiest style of all. Go outside and cut off a few thin branches with some colourful autumn leaves still hanging from them. If you prefer, you can also buy them. Either way, the styling options are many! In a vase, laid across the fireplace, tied into a bunch with ribbon, and so on. Even loose leaves on your fireplace will do the trick!

Gourds, Gourds, and More Gourds!

Pumpkin decor on a white fireplace with bats and witch's broom

Introducing pumpkins to your fireplace ushers in the warmth and charm of the autumn season.

These versatile gourds, whether real or artificial, become the focal point of a room, reflecting the golden hues and cozy ambiance of fall. Varying the sizes and colours of pumpkins creates depth and visual interest, making your fireplace come alive with a cascade of oranges, whites, and even greens.

Beyond just placing them, elevate your pumpkin display by incorporating flickering candles. The soft glow set against the earthy texture of pumpkins transforms your space into a haven of tranquility. To further enhance the visual, consider adding autumnal accents like dried leaves, pinecones, and cinnamon sticks!

No Gourds Please!

Holly and berries on a mantle

Feeling a bit pumpkin-weary? Dive into the world of alternative festive displays with the vibrant hues and textures of zesty citrus fruits, hardy berries, crisp apples, and succulent pears. Gather them in a clear container to create a dazzling burst of colour that captivates and charms.

Alternatively, take a more minimalist approach by artfully arranging them directly on the fireplace. Whichever method you choose, these fruits promise to showcase their innate beauty and refresh your seasonal décor.

Garlands of the Forest

Pine trees and bears around a lit fireplace

Lush greenery with added seasonal touches is always a great way to go. Consider fresh evergreens which last a while and smell nice.

You can also use fake leafy garlands and use a scented spray to keep a pleasant smell going… orange, cinnamon, pine, etc. Whatever matches your décor or tickles your fancy!

Adding Light for Extra Cozy Warmth

White lit fireplace with lanterns

You can do this regardless of the style you’ve selected for your fireplace decorating. Candles, electric candles, lanterns, string lights (plain or seasonal) or a small lamp fitting in with your décor.

The added warmth and instant coziness lighting gives us a real winner!

Full-On Glam With Metallic

Metallic accents on a fireplace mantle

Heighten your focal point fireplace with some glam! This can be as simple as getting a few shiny or mirrored items and incorporating a few seasonal pieces to match. Perhaps you like the glam but really want to stay full on autumn. Hmmm… how about metallic painted pumpkins? Oh yes!

A Tartan Fireplace

Fireplace surrounded by tartan décor and candles

Begin by choosing a tartan ribbon that resonates with your style. Then, dive into the intricate colours woven within the plaid, selecting complimentary items that mirror these hues. Perhaps a vase, a few candles, or even some seasonal foliage.

Arrange these elements artfully around your fireplace, weaving in the tartan theme. With just these simple steps, you’ll have transformed your space, creating an inviting, cohesive, and distinctly Scottish ambiance.

The Zero Cost of Repurposing

Fireplace surrounded by repurposed vases and plants

Start with what you have at home. Gather items that share a theme or colour. For a cohesive look, choose items in varying shades of the same colour, like vases, candles, or even a scarf.

Want to evoke warmth? Opt for items like a brass cup, a cozy mug, winter knits, books, or natural elements like herbs and branches. Framed pictures can also enhance your arrangement, especially when paired with natural accents. Have fun arranging these on your fireplace!

Fall Flames

We genuinely hope our curated list of fall fireplace decorating ideas has sparked inspiration for your home. These timeless suggestions aren’t just confined to autumn — they can be adapted and personalized for every season or any special event. If your fireplace is feeling a bit empty, why not check out some fun alternative décor styles?

As the leaves change and the air turns crisp, let your fireplace become a reflection of the warmth and beauty this season offers. Wishing you a joyous autumn and delightful decorating adventures ahead!

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