Alternative Styling Ideas For Your Empty Fireplace

With spring in the air, you may be thinking of closing down your fireplace for the warmer months to come. HERE is our full guide to closing down your fireplace for the season (regardless of what type you have).  If you have a classic wood-burning fireplace, retiring it for the spring and summer may leave you with some interesting design options to explore! Ready to get creative with that extra little nook of decorable space? Enjoy these alternative styling ideas for your empty fireplace!

Book It!

Use the fireplace as a storage or display area for books or magazines! Whether you cram the whole firebox from top to bottom or arrange books in meticulously measured rows, there are so many ways to make this style look unique. 

Photo Credit: Room For Tuesday

Fight Fire With (Smaller) Fire

An empty fireplace is a great spot to arrange a candle display. From clusters of chunky pillar candles to elegant tapers and candlesticks, the options here are as endless and variegated as the types of candles you can find. Don’t want to use real candles? There are some great-looking LED dupes nowadays, and string lights in lanterns can have a similarly enchanting effect.

Photo Credit: Jalynn Baker

Go Green

Plant People, rejoice! Here’s yet another spot in your home to improve with greenery. Display your plant-babies in your empty fireplace (and around the hearth, and on top of the mantel… who can say when to stop, really?), keeping in mind each plant’s light requirements. Put the shade-lovers in the back, and make sure that the sun-worshipers get enough rays to thrive. 

Full Floral

In the spirit of springtime, consider using the newly-freed space to make eye-catching floral arrangements! Fresh flowers and carefully-arranged bud branches can breathe new life into your space, and uphold the fireplace’s traditional role as the focal point of a room. Using real flowers and foliage also ensures that the display remains relatively seasonally-accurate, creating harmony between your decor and the local nature right outside your window. 

Photo Credit: Denise McGaha Interiors

Porcelain Punch

An empty fireplace is also a great spot to display pottery. Whether you go for the clean and simple look of creamy white porcelain or opt for a more eclectic mix of colours and patterns, a thoughtful arrangement of crockery can reflect so many different styles.

Photo Credit: Helen Norman

A Fireplace In Your Image…

Do you love the decor in your living room so much that you just want to keep it going? Place a mirror in your empty fireplace! This is a cheeky and unexpected way to open up your space and create the illusion of more light. 

Right-Side Photo Credit: Katie Hodge

Get Funky!

Make this newfound decorable space your own! Alternative styling ideas for your empty fireplace are only fun and interesting if they reflect the most important element of your home: you!

Display collectibles, fill it with your favourite conversation pieces (cue that antique rocking horse from the flea market), or layer different-sized pieces of artwork. 

The beauty of using the fireplace as a temporary display box? You can change it up whenever you want to! Let your creativity run wild until it’s time to enjoy your first fire in the fall. Happy decorating!

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