Top Spring Home Improvement Projects You Should Start Now

Spring brings new bloom, a renewed spirit, warm weather – and spring home improvement projects.

Spring is the perfect time to tackle any home improvements. With the dangers of freezing or slipping on the ice off the table, spring temperatures in Ottawa are just warm enough to get out and get a head start on all your home improvement projects. You’ll want to have most things already complete by the time summer rolls around to sit back and enjoy yourself.

Top Spring Home Improvement Projects

Let’s have a look at the most critical spring home improvement projects.

Clean your patio or deck

pressure washing deck is a spring home improvement project.

One of the first things you’ll want to do once summer hits is to relax on your deck or patio, so this should be one of the first things on your list.

Choose a few days that look dry and sunny. Remove any furniture or decorations, and sweep any dirt and debris.

For a stone patio, it’s as easy as hosing it down. You can scrub any discoloured areas with a bristle scrub and dish soap or opt for a mixture of water and vinegar. For any stubborn oil stains by the grilling area, use a degreaser.

For a deck, start removing loose paint with a scraper and removing dirt with a bristle brush. Work in a deck brightener to give your deck extra pop. Then wash with a power washer. To read more about how to clean and stain your deck, check out our blog.

Call a professional if your patio or deck still looks discoloured after cleaning. Here at Fireplace Center and Patio Shop, we can help.

Clean your outdoor furniture

outdoor furniture in a backyard.

Haul out your patio furniture and see if it’s salvageable – if so, here’s how to clean it,

Start by using a brush or a dry cloth to wipe away loose materials like dirt, dust, or leaves. If you have cushions or fabric on your furniture, remove them and wash them with warm water and dish soap. Check the manufacturer’s label – some can be thrown into the washer.


Loved for its low maintenance, resin patio furniture like this Beaver Springs Rocker is cleaned quickly and easily with an all-purpose cleaner and a damp cloth.


Metal furniture like this Ratana Club Chair is popular for its durability. Use warm water and a touch of dish soap, and a brush to clean these surfaces. If you notice rust, use steel wool to remove it. If it’s unmanageable, consider re-painting it or upgrading to new furniture.

Wicker or wood

The trade-off for beautiful authentic wicker furniture, like this Cabana Coast Loveseat, is the higher maintenance. Because this material tends to be a bit more delicate, we recommend using a mild oil-based soap or soapy water and a sponge to clean. You may need a toothbrush to get in all the nooks and crannies for some of the more intricate wicker.

When to upgrade

After extensive use, outdoor furniture may develop stains, rust, or mildew that are impossible to remove. While re-painting your furniture is a quick fix, the reality is that outdoor furniture can only last so long. If you’re ready for an upgrade, shop our selection here.

Prep your gas grill

cleaning your grill is one of the spring home improvement projects.

There’s a bit of prep involved before you fire up the grill for the first time all winter.

If your grill has been outside all winter, you might want to look for signs of rust. If it’s been in storage, check for signs of insects or other pests that may have taken refuge during the cold.

Before firing up your grill for the first time, you’ll want to make sure you have enough propane. You want to start the grilling season right – not running out of propane in the middle of your first grill. You can check by weighing your tank – regular propane tanks are about 20 lbs when full and 17 lbs when empty. Or, you can try the water method.

Once you’ve done all this, it’s time to fire up your grill. Heat it on high for about fifteen minutes to let any debris burn off. Let it cool down, and then, using a grill scraper,  scrub off any stubborn grime. For an even deeper clean, soak your grill grates overnight in two cups of vinegar and a cup of baking soda.

Clean up your lawn

Person mowing their lawn in the spring

Now, it’s time to give your lawn some attention.

First, you’ll want to pick up or rake any of the obvious stuff like dead leaves, branches, litter, etc.

Make sure your lawn and gardening tools are still in working shape. Check for signs of rust or visible wear to ensure your tools are ready and switch out old oil for new oil in your lawnmower.

Next, pamper your lawn by pruning dead branches and shrubs. If you want to give your yard the complete treatment, try aerating and dethatching it to ensure it’s getting all the water and nutrients to thrive. Then, watering and fertilizing it early in the season will guarantee its growth during spring.

Re-calk your windows and doors

Now that the temperature is rising, it’s almost time to re-caulk your doors and windows. Caulking helps prevent air leaks, drafts, and moisture from entering your home, so you don’t get any drafts or humidity entering your home. The best time to do it is in temperatures above 7 degrees celsius – a perfect springtime activity!

You’ll need to decide whether you need acrylic latex, siliconized latex, silicone, or polyurethane caulk. Pick a warm, dry spring day to do your caulking.

Start by removing the old caulking and cleaning the window sill or door frame, so you have a fresh, clean surface to work with. Make sure the area is dry, set up your tube in the caulk gun, and apply the caulk from corner to corner on all four sides of your window or door. Smooth over the sealant and remove extra caulk. Allow drying for 24 hours. And you’re all done!

As previously mentioned, spring is the perfect time for home improvements. While these tasks are a great starting point, you can tackle any spring home improvement project on your list. For professional advice on any of your home improvements, the Fireplace Center and Patio Shop are here to help.

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