Tips for warming outdoor space with patio furniture.

Tips for Warming Your Outdoor Space

Summer may be ending, but the warm weather doesn’t need to go too. Don’t let the cooler weather keep you from enjoying your outdoor space. 

Here are our best tips for warming up your outdoor space— from firepits to cozy furniture, you won’t notice the temperature dropping. 

Tips for Warming Your Outdoor Space

Fireplace added for warming outdoor space.

You’ve invested so much time and effort into your outdoor space that it seems unfair that you can’t keep the outdoor parties going into the fall season. 

Our experts at The Fireplace Center and Patio Shop are here to help. Check out our tips for warming your outdoor space to keep summer alive and well. 

Create a focal point fireplace

It’s inarguable that fireplaces create the perfect warm and cozy atmosphere in your home. So why limit fireplaces to just the indoors?

Not only does a fireplace add a touch of elegance to any outdoor space. It will give you the perfect cozy atmosphere for your outdoor hangouts and warm up your outdoor space to keep those hangouts going well into the fall. 

As indoors, outdoor wood or gas fireplaces have a chimney to direct the smoke upwards, unlike firepits. You and your guests can enjoy a lovely evening without having bleary eyes and itchy throats. 

However, electric fireplaces are the easiest to install and operate and are more eco-friendly than their propane and natural gas counterparts. 

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Gather around the firepit 

Like outdoor fireplaces, firepits create a soothing atmosphere with the added benefit of heat. 

Unlike fireplaces, firepits require your guests to all gather around them, creating a more social and interactive space. You can use it to gather around with a mug of cocoa (or a glass of wine), cuddle up to the crackling fire, roast some marshmallows or tell some ghost stories. 

Firepits are a great option as they require less installation and are generally less pricey. You can pick up a firepit from your local Fireplace Center and Patio Shop and set it up in your outdoor space in no time. 

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Keep it simple with patio heaters

If you’d prefer something a little more quick, convenient, and portable, patio heaters are a great alternative. While they don’t create the ambience of an outdoor fireplace or firepit, they’re a great no-fuss way to get extra heat in your outdoor space. They don’t require maintenance and don’t have the hefty price tag of a firepit or fireplace.

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Get “Hygge” with it

Creating a cozy warm outdoor space.

Warm isn’t just a temperature; it’s a feeling. Adopt the uber-trendy Danish concept known as Hygge to create a friendly patio, deck, or garden for your family and friends. One of the key strategies to achieve a very-Hygge atmosphere is cozy furniture.

Pick soft and comfortable furniture – perfect for cozying up with a blanket by the firepit or outdoor fireplace.  

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Light it up

Add lights to backyard for warming outdoor space.

No space is complete without light. And no, the overhead light beside the door doesn’t count. 

Add some mood lighting, like fairy lights, lanterns, or even candles, to create an inviting ambience that will keep you and your guests enjoying your outdoor space even after dark. 

Add some heat with a BBQ

During a party, guests love to socialize in the kitchen. After all, that is where the food is. So why not warm up your outdoor space with a BBQ or outdoor kitchen? Stay where the party is so you can entertain and feed your guests in one place. 

Plus, your guests will enjoy the delightful aroma of sizzling hamburger patties, sticky ribs, smoky chicken wings or whatever else you’re cooking up on the grill. 

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Optimize your space

Whether working with a small or large area, you can optimize your backyard or patio by making the most of its shape or size. If you have a large backyard, create a central firepit and design the rest of your area around that. Or, optimize your limited space by creating cozy corners. 

Take measurements, look for some inspiration, and decide how you can make the best of your outdoor space. 

Talk to a pro

Before making solid plans, talk to a local expert who can help you assess your space and what will work best for you. At The Fireplace Center and Patio Shop in Ottawa, we can help you figure out the best way to warm up your outdoor space. Visit or call us today! 

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