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Make Your Home Smarter With A Smart Fireplace

Smart fireplaces are a modern and innovative way to add warmth and ambiance to your home. They are
electric fireplaces that a remote, your smartphone/tablet or voice assistant controls. There are various
models to choose from, and from that first selection, you’ll be able to create a variety of scenes to create the
perfect mood for any occasion.

Why choose an electric fireplace?

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They have many advantages over traditional fireplaces. Smart is safer, cleaner, and more energy-efficient.
They do not produce smoke, ash, or emissions that can harm your health or the environment. They also do
not require any venting, chimney, or gas line installation.
Smart fireplaces come in various styles, sizes, and designs to suit your space. You can choose from
wall-mounted, freestanding or inserts that fit into your existing fireplace. You can also find smart fireplaces
with realistic 3D flame effects, sound effects, and media options such as logs, crystals, or pebbles.
They are a great way to enhance your home’s comfort and style this winter and all year round! They also offer a
fun, interactive, and visually appealing element to any home and will light up any living area. With smart
features that make controlling your heating and display easy and convenient, you can transform any space
into a cozy retreat with smart fireplaces.

Where can Smart Fireplaces be installed?

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Installation is simple and easy, regardless of your choice. How about in your living room or a see-through, focal point fireplace between two spaces? Or imagine the beauty and convenience of a smart fireplace in your bedroom! Create romantic, warm ambiance, and let the timer turn everything off after you fall asleep or simply switch it off using the remote or your smartphone. It can also be a beautiful addition to your outdoor space for warmth and ambiance with zero maintenance!


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What types of “burning” material do electric fireplaces offer? Well, you’ve got options! Looking
for that traditional look of large logs? Check! How about driftwood? Yes! Have you considered the look of
embers? Indeed! Looking for something more modern? Perhaps pebbles, ice or gems? Absolutely! As you
can see, there’s something for all tastes and styles…

The Flame – Realistic, tall, short, roaring, dancing… So many options. And your remote can provide many of
these variations once you have selected your preferred media.

The Temperature – What if you want the look without so much heat? What if you’re looking to really heat up your
living space? You can decide and adjust the heat and air accordingly.
The Colour – How about colour options for various moods, events, etc.? That would be a resounding Yes!
Along with flame size options, you can have many flame colour options. Also, remember that your media
selection can be your first choice of colour (such as clear ice or blue gems, etc.).
The Sound – Quality speakers deliver the crackling sound of a real fire to bring the experience to life. It’s up to
you just how roaring or subtle you’d like that to be.
The remote – Physical remote or smartphone? How about voice-activated? It’s entirely your choice!

Are you ready to enjoy the full fireplace experience, with remote access for multiple options, to create the
ambiance of choice on the spot, AND with virtually no maintenance? The Fireplace Center will help you get it
done! Come check out our vast Smart Fireplace options today.

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