Father and son cooking on father's day.

Father’s Day Gift Guide for the #1 Dad

Father’s Day is right around the corner! Need some last-minute Father’s Day gift inspiration? Here are some ideas that Dad will surely love!

The gift for the epicurean dad

Cookbook gift idea for father's day

For the fathers who love to try new recipes and wow their families with delicious meals, consider a new cookbook full of grilling ideas to try! There are so many great recipe collections to choose from and cookbooks designed for specific machines/cooking methods, such as the Big Green Egg Book: a perfect choice for any Eggmaster!

Not sure where to start? Check out this list of the top 10 BBQ cookbooks for 2021!

The gift of versatility: brilliant barbecue accessories

BBQ accessories as a father's day gift

One great thing about cooking on the barbecue is that you can pretty much prepare your whole meal in one spot… with the right tools! Here are a couple of our favourite barbecue accessories that double-down and allow you to do two things at once on the same grill:

The Napoleon Stainless Steel Chicken Roaster & Wok

This compact gem combines your standard chicken roaster with a grilling basket, allowing you to roast your protein and cook vegetables/sides simultaneously. The flavour cup can hold a typical beer can– or be filled with whatever flavour-enhancers you can imagine, from wine & herbs to stuffing & chorizo! So let Dad experiment and express his grilling genius with ease and convenience.

Multi-Functional Topper With Cedar Plank

Enjoy a large cooking surface (ideal for stuff that’d fall through a regular grill, like vegetables or shrimp) paired with an integrated cedar plank to lend a unique flavour to fish cuts.

The gift of precision: digital thermometers

Thermometer as a father's day gift.

Every grill master needs a reliable thermometer! If dad is missing one (or still using an archaic one), this is a no-brainer.

If he’s often cooking multiple types of meat at once, consider buying a dual-probe model. There are also blue-tooth compatible options for the tech-savvy dad and, of course, the old-faithful that doubles as a bottle opener.

The gift of efficiency: the catch-all cutting board

Cutting board for father's day

We love this Napoleon cutting board! Sturdy and high-quality, it features two bowls that fit into the bamboo design, allowing you to slide scraps into one bowl and your chopped food into the other. In addition, the subtle groove near the board’s edges is designed to catch juices and pour them into one of the bowls—genius!

This handy piece is guaranteed to become a staple that dad will use year-round; outside at the grill and indoors at the kitchen counter.

The gift of flavour: bring on the sauce!

BBQ sauces as father's day gifts.

A no-fail idea for any barbecue enthusiast is an assortment of exciting seasonings to try. From hot sauces to spice-rubs, there are so many new flavours to explore!

Want to put together a themed basket? Pick out an assortment of barbecue sauces and put them in a grill basket with a couple of small barbecue accessories. Voila… he’s set for a summer of grilling and chilling.

The gift of chill: patio staples

Patio furniture as a father's day gift.

Dads do so much. Grilling. Manicuring the lawn. Home repairs. Vigilantly defending the thermostat. Coming up with all those great jokes. It must be tiring.

This Father’s Day, give your dad the gift of the perfect place to kick his feet up and relax!

Whether you treat him to his own designated patio chair, a lounger, hammock, or even an outdoor sofa, he is sure to appreciate the gesture (and fall asleep on it in under thirty seconds, in true dad fashion).

A DIY gift: A homemade dinner

Is your dad not into material gifts? In that case, consider preparing a Fathers’ Day spread of his favourite foods or an exciting meal that he’s never tried before!

You can give it a theme based on what kind of food he enjoys, such as a meat lover’s medley or a surf n’ turf special. Sometimes, the best gift is a bit of extra care and time well spent together.

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