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At Home With HearthStone

Set the scene: a long day over, lights dimmed, a glass of wine and your favourite book waiting on the table…what’s missing?

If you pictured a wood burning stove roaring in the corner, then this blog is for you.

Around since 1978, HearthStone is a brand of wood and gas stoves with a history of beautifully handcrafted designs, innovation and quality, and a commitment to protecting the environment for future generations. These traits and so much more, make HearthStone the perfect choice for your home.

HearthStone stoves

The Craftsmanship and Design

Each HearthStone stove is lovingly created by our dedicated craftsmen, and built to meet the highest standards using the finest materials, like European cast iron and soapstone. These natural and beautiful materials are super durable and great for holding heat, keeping your space warm and cozy even after the fire is gone. They also feature our TruHybrid™ system, an ultra-clean high efficiency system that will make the absolute most of your wood pile.  As a bonus, each soapstone stove is signed by the stove builder as proof of craftsmanship.

Easy to use, these stoves also feature a single level air control which allows you to control the fire by simply adjusting the control from low to high. Open the control for smokeless startups, close it for long fires.

A wide assortment of models and sizes means you can mix and match different colours, finishes, and accessories to suit your space, taste and style. Choose a classic stove look, a modern, sleek design, or go with the best of both worlds in a hybrid. Whatever your preference, HearthStone has you covered. These stoves will make your home feel welcoming with a touch of elegance.

HearthStone is committed to the pursuit of Green Energy

Green Energy Promise

The best thing about HearthStone stoves is that they don’t hurt the planet at all! They run on renewable, carbon-neutral energy sources and use modern, low emission combustion technology. You can enjoy a cozy fire without feeling bad about polluting the air or using fossil fuels. Your HearthStone stove will burn clean for years to come while protecting our environment for future generations.

Living room with HearthStone stove

Our Guarantee

HearthStone stoves are backed by a lifetime warranty. So, you can trust that your stove will work well and last for years. They are also more than just heaters, they’re an investment in your home, your comfort, and your planet. Don’t settle for anything less than the best. Get your HearthStone stove and see for yourself why they’re the ultimate choice for cozy and eco-friendly heating.

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