Fall mantel decor ideas

21 Fall Mantel Decor Ideas

If the fireplace is the focal point of your home, then it only makes sense to spruce it up for the change of season. Whether you want to go all-out on a big Halloween extravaganza, a cozy autumnal display, or some chic decor you can leave up all year round, these fall mantel decor ideas are the perfect low-pressure way to decorate.

Fall Mantel Decor Ideas

Fall mantel decor in a home.

If you want fall mantel decor inspiration, all you have to do is look outside. The beautiful colours, textures of fall, and a little creativity are all you need to spruce up your fall mantel. Here’s what you can add to your mantel for the perfect fall decor:

  1. Gourds
    Nothing screams ‘fall’ more than a diverse collection of mini gourds. Affordable, autumnal, and adorable.
  2. Colourful Garlands
    Don’t underestimate the power of a garland. A beautiful garland carefully constructed with fall leaves, dried plants, or other fall foliage will add a touch of elegance to your fall mantel.
  3. Dried flowers and plants
    Like fresh flowers, dried flowers add a touch of colour and femininity to your space. With dried flowers, you can go full witchy with dark dried roses or more dainty with daisies or a colourful bouquet. Likewise, adding some dried eucalyptus, wheat, phalaris, or other plants will add some natural texture and a rustic fall feel to your mantel.
  4. Candles
    Looking for something a little cozier? Or maybe something a little witchy? Add some candles to your fall mantel decor for an intimate ambience. Gourds and candles on a fireplace mantel for fall.
  5. Wreaths
    If garlands aren’t your thing, use the fall foliage for an effortless yet elegant wreath. You can find plenty of beautiful designs online, or make an activity out of it and make your own!

Halloween Mantel Decor Ideas

Halloween-themed fireplace mantel decor

Now, if you’re a big Halloween fan, you’ll probably want to decorate your fall mantel with something a little spookier – if you haven’t already.

  1. Spider webs
    A large spider web over your fall mantel is a great low-effort but effective Halloween decor.
  2. Masks
    Got some old masks lying around from past Halloweens? Whether they’re intricate masquerade masks or spooky ghost facts masks, display them on your mantel for a unique twist.
  3. Candy
    Some decorations are more delicious than others. Instead of stashing your Halloween candy in the cupboard, display it in a beautiful bowl on your Halloween mantel.
  4. DIY paper decor
    If you’re on a budget, create spooky silhouettes out of construction paper. Bats, cats, ravens, pumpkins, skulls – get creative with it! The kids will love it, too.
  5. Bottles and jars
    If you’re loving the DIY, collect some jars and bottles. Add some dried spices, flowers, plants, and stones for a witch spell jar. Or, drop into a dollar store to get some fake spiders, snakes, skulls, and other spooky decors for creepy specimen jars.   Halloween-themed fireplace mantle decor
  6. Old photographs
    Got some old black and white photographs lying around from your grandparents? They’re a great low-effort decoration for your Halloween mantel.
  7. Cobwebs
    It’s a cliche for a reason. Add some thick white cobwebs to your fall mantel for a classic Halloween look. 

All-Year-Round Fall Mantel Decor Ideas

Plants and cactus sitting on a fireplace mantel.

While seasonal mantels are great, having to worry that your decor will be out of date in a couple of weeks is not. We all have a neighbour that still has their Christmas lights up in May. (If you are that neighbour, then this section is definitely for you). We get it, life gets busy.

So, here are a few decor ideas that are chic all year round. 

  1. Mirror
    Adding a mirror above your mantel creates the illusion of more space, and it brightens up the room. Round mirrors are especially trendy right now!
  2. Fresh Flowers
    Adding a pop of life and colour to your mantel will help brighten it up and bring some life back to your living room.
  3. Plants
    Your mantel is the perfect place to add your green friends. Plants help your air quality and add a fresh and unique look to any space.
  4. Books
    If you’re a big reader, show off your collection and utilize your mantel as a bookshelf. It creates a cozy, romantic atmosphere all year round.
  5. Art Work
    Add your favourite painting (or any wall art) above your mantel to make this focal point a real show-stopper.
  6. Gallery wall
    But why stop at just one? Add a collection of artworks on your mantel for an elegant yet eclectic gallery wall. Framed art and candles sitting on a fireplace mantel.
  7. Personal Photographs
    Of course, it doesn’t have to be a piece of art on your fall mantel. Display your favourite pictures of your friends and family for a more intimate and traditional feel.
  8. Keep it monochrome
    To maintain a clean aesthetic that will never look cluttered or mismatched, keep your decor in line with the colour of your walls, and create a chic monochromatic look.
  9. Layer it all together
    Add multiple decor elements to your mantel for a truly unique and interesting look. Try some plants, a painting, and a stack of books. Or a mirror, bouquet of flowers, and family photos.

Bottom line: Get creative with what you already have at home, and make your fall mantel uniquely yours.

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