15 Fireplaces To Warm Up Your Home This Winter

 It’s getting cold out there, which means fireplace season is upon us. There’s nothing better to brighten up those long, dark Ottawa winter evenings than the comfort and luxury of a fireplace.

But a fireplace does more than just create heat – it sets the tone for your space. Is your home classic and cozy? Modern and minimalistic? Or maybe eclectic and whimsical? Whatever it may be, your fireplace should speak to your style while also creating a welcoming ambience and relaxing backdrop for your winter evenings. If you’re considering a new fireplace, contact your local Fireplace Center & Patio Shop, and our qualified technicians will help you find the perfect fit for your home.

In the meantime, let’s take a look at 15 fireplaces to warm up your home this winter.

1. Jotul GF 370 DV
If you’re looking for something modern and minimalistic, The Jotul GF 370 DV’s ultra-modern design creates a simple but luxurious look. With an energy-saving ignition system, this one is sophisticated and smart – just like you.


2. Regency Bellavista Surefire Direct Ventilation Gas
If simple but classic is more your style, the Regency Bellavista Surefire might be for you. Its ceramic log set glows vibrantly to mimic the look of a real burning log, but has all the effortlessness and efficiency of a gas fireplace.


3. Napoleon Alluravision 47 Slimline Electric Fireplace

The beauty of electric fireplaces is that most of them can be easily hung on the wall and plugged in, so you can enjoy your new fireplace in almost no time. This sleek, contemporary design of the Napoleon Alluravision 47 is so slim it barely protrudes into the room.

4. Napoleon High Country 5000 Wood Fireplace

A traditional wood fireplace is exactly what you want if you’re after authenticity. They have it all – the crackle, the scent, the flame, and the perfect ambience. On top of that, the High Country 5000 is designed for fast start-ups and clean burning.

5. Valor LX1 Pier Multi-Sided Gas Fireplace

We have no time for two-faced friends this winter. But two-faced fireplaces? That’s a different story. This multi-sided fireplace from Valor is the height of luxury and comfort, allowing you to heat two rooms at once. The LX1 Pier can be installed into more room shapes and sizes than ever before. Give us a call, and we can see about installing one in your home.

6. Dimplex Revillusion 36” Built-In Firebox

Dimplex is changing the standard for electric fireplaces. With life-like flames and a full-brick interior, this electric fireplace perfectly captures the charm and authenticity of a wood-burning fireplace – without all the maintenance and inefficiency.

7. Savannah 36” Clean Face Fireplace 

Are you living in a small space but still long for the cozy warmth of a fireplace? Savannah’s Noble 36” Clean Face Gas Fireplace is proof that good things come in small packages. Only 36” deep and 15” wide, this compact little unit will keep you warm all winter long.

8. Napoleon Entice 72 Electric Fireplace

Bring a little bit of colour into your home this winter with Napoleon’s Entice Electric Fireplace. Not only does it emit a tremendous amount of heat for those frosty nights, but the glittering multi-colored flames and crystal ember make for a spectacular sight. Hang this on the wall and plug it in for an instant room transformation.

9. Napoleon Trivista 50 Built-In Electric Fireplace

Napoleon’s Trivista Electric Fireplace boasts the highest heat output in its category – perfect for our bitter Ottawa winters. Showcase the fireplace with the Northern Woods log set or acrylic crystals (or go wild and do both) for an amazing display. With a variety of flame settings and brightness adjustments, this one is as beautiful as it is cozy.

Valor gas fireplaces

10. Valor Direct Vent Zero Clearance H3 Gas Fireplace

If you’re looking to replace your existing fireplace for something more efficient, or looking to construct a new installation, the Valor Direct Vent Zero Clearance H3 Gas Fireplace is engineered for new installs and for replacing inefficient wood and gas fireplaces.

Amantii electric fireplaces

11. Amantii Symmetry Bespoke Electric Fireplace

The Amantii 60” Symmetry Bespoke Electric Fireplace is more than just an ordinary fireplace. Along with its exclusive flame design, it comes equipped with a colorful intuitive thermostatic remote and an app for utmost control and customization.

Supreme fireplaces

12. Supreme Astra 38

So, you like wood fireplaces but you need to heat a large space. The Astra 38 by Supreme is here for you. It can effortlessly heat up to 2,500 square feet. And this isn’t just great in the colder months – its removable fire screen allows you to enjoy the beauty of a fire without the heat, too.

Large format gas fireplace

13. Valor H6 Large Format Gas Fireplace

Bigger isn’t always better – except in the case of the Valor H6. This large format fireplace has a real presence in any room, and its secondary heat exchanger circulates the warm air to make your home even toastier. But don’t let its size fool you; installation is smooth and hassle-free – that is, if you call an installation professional, like the experts at Fireplace Center and Patio Shop.

See-through electric fireplace

14. Napoleon Clearion Elite 60 Built-in Electric Fireplace

The Clearion Elite 60 Built-In Electric Fireplace is the first truly see-through electric fireplace. This unique fireplace can heat separate rooms at different rates, controlled with two remotes. Customizable, with privacy mode to change the transparency, this is a unique addition to any space this winter.

Vertical Fireplace

15. Napoleon Allure Vertical 38 Electric Fireplace

Who said your fireplace has to be a massive centerpiece? While it’s not your traditional fireplace, it will surely make a statement. Napoleon’s Allure Vertical Fireplace adds warmth and luxury to any space, and its compact design and easy installation mean it can work anywhere in your home.

Do you know what kind of fireplace you want for your home? Fireplace Center & Patio Shop has qualified technicians to handle installation. Give us a call, and one of our professionals will bring your dream fireplace to life. 

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