announcer holding up the winner's hand at a competition

Why Canada is the Best Country to Live in

We recently hosted a competition to win a Napoleon Rogue BBQ. Five contestants were shortlisted and the winner would be the person that assembled the BBQ the quickest. Difficult enough under the pressure of competition but doubly so when the contestants do so without access to any instructions.Napoleon BBQ competition competitors

The participants were highly motivated and set to work with gusto. Then during the heat of competition the strangest thing happened. One of the contestants that was making the best progress noticed that the competitor to one side of him was struggling. Without being prompted he dropped his tools and stepped over to assist her! Having helped resolve her particular challenge he then turned to the competitor on his other side and assisted him with his assembly!

With Adrenalin flowing, friends and family cheering on and knowing that a particularly nice prize was at stake, I am of the opinion, only in Canada would you see such a selfless act.Napoleon BBQ competition

The competition concluded and our altruistic competitor was not the first to finish. When asked why he helped his competition he replied modestly that it seemed like the right thing to do.

winner of Napoleon BBQUnbeknownst to the contestants until the very end of the event, and thanks to Napoleon, they all got to receive their Napoleon Rogue R425 BBQ’s. Needless to say, the winner’s advice was in great demand from the competitors whose BBQ’s were still a “work in progress”. Thanks to all of our contestants for being great sports. Thanks to Boom 99.7 for organising the event.

Just to prove this is not a fluke or a generational thing, US News and World report just announced that Canada has been voted the Best Country in the World by millennials. Thousands of 18-35 year olds worldwide concluded that overall Canada is perceived as the best country in the world. Good to know and even better to witness first hand.

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