Big Green Egg

Get Dad the Gift That Keeps on Giving

Father’s Day is just around the corner! For many of us this means two things. Firstly, it’s time to celebrate some of the best men in our lives. Secondly, we’ll soon be staring blankly down the aisles in some store. It’s a truth that a lot of us deal with: dads are impossible to shop for. Every year the same problem arises, but we at The Fireplace Center and Patio Shop have found a solution.

There are a lot of classic Father’s Day gifts, but better than a tie or a mug is dad’s favourite – an outdoor cooker. After all, Father’s Day comes right at the beginning of barbecue season so why not ring it in with a new grill? But that only accounts for one year right? The same problem will come around again next Father’s Day. Well if you get the right grill that doesn’t have to happen.


The Big Green Egg can be the solution. We’ve all seen them, but if you’re not sure about what they are let us tell you. It may not look like a regular barbecue, and that’s because it’s not. It’s what’s called a kamado grill, based on the shape of Japanese cooking urns. Fans love this kind of grill because of its versatility and reliability. There are so many different aspects that make the Big Green Egg the perfect Father’s Day gift.

If you’re still not convinced, here are some of the best elements of the Big Green Egg. It’s a charcoal grill, providing tons of flavour as a result, however it heats up in less than 20 minutes! Not only can you grill with it, you can also smoke meat and even use it for baking. With the right attachments it can be turned into the perfect pizza oven or cook multiple layers of meat and veggies at once.


Whatever Dad likes in an outdoor cooker, the Big Green Egg can deliver. There are seven different sizes to fit a variety of lifestyles and budgets. For the dad who loves camping, the Minimax comes with its own carrier, making it perfectly portable. If your outdoor space is limited to a balcony or a small backyard, the small or medium is a perfect size. If dad is more the kind to cook for the whole family or throw a neighborhood-wide party the 2XL is big enough to roast a suckling pig.

Not only can the Big Green Egg be adapted to any lifestyle, it can be adapted to any time of year. It’s easy to use, even in the rain and snow – just light it and leave it to do its thing. And yes, it’s even useable in Ottawa winters! There are plenty of Canadian Eggheads, and yes, that is what Big Green Egg fans call themselves. Every Big Green Egg comes with a lifetime warranty, ensuring that it’s the only grill that dad will ever need.


But wait, you may be thinking that means that the same Father’s Day predicament of what to get will be back next year. And since it’s not the kind of barbecue that has to be replaced every few years that takes a grill out of the options forever, leaving you with even fewer gift options. The cycle continues, right?

Wrong. Not only will you not have to buy a lesser grill again, but the Big Green Egg has so many possible additions and accessories. You can be giving Dad equipment to make his grilling life even better for years to come. Get him a flavour injector, a specialty cookbook, or for the real Eggheads out there a Big Green Egg apron or lawn chair.


The best part is that Big Green Egg comes out with new “EGGcessories” all the time! If you weren’t sold on the Big Green Egg for Dad before, the fact that they call their accessories EGGcessories should do it. It comes with its own dad joke built right in!

This year’s new EGGcessories are awesome, including a carbon steel wok, three new thermometers and, our personal favourite, the EGG Genius. The EGG Genius is a temperature control unit that connects to your smartphone so you can monitor and change the heat of your Big Green Egg from anywhere.

So get dad something that he’ll love and use not only through the summer but all year long! Plus, you get the peace of mind that when you’re drawing a blank for what to get for him next Father’s Day or Christmas or birthday, there’s always the latest grilling technology from Big Green Egg.

If you have any questions the experts here at The Fireplace Center and Patio Shop will be happy to help you get the gift that makes Dad happy and keeps your gift stress level way down!

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