Spring cleaning your garden in your backyard.

Spring Cleaning Tips for Your Backyard

Spring is in the air, and with it, the promise of precious time spent grilling and chilling in your backyard. Here are some spring cleaning tips you can do in the next few weeks to get your backyard ready to enjoy! 

Tips for Spring Cleaning Your Backyard 

Spring cleaning isn’t just for inside your home. Tackle some of the following clean-up tasks.  

Rake your lawn and flower beds 

Rake being used in backyard for spring cleaning.

Even if you raked thoroughly in the fall, raking deeply in the spring will help remove thatch and any other natural debris built up over the winter. This fresh start will allow new grass to grow more quickly and more fully. 

Clean your deck 

Give your deck a good sweeping, and then clean any debris out of the cracks between the planks. If you think the mess calls for a more extensive cleaning, you can use a pressure hose or specialized cleaning products for decking. 

Stain your deck 

Once the deck is clean, it’s a good time to stain it as well! It’s best to stain your deck either in the spring or the fall (and to avoid doing it under strong or direct sunlight). An advantage to doing it in spring is that your deck will look its best for peak season. 

If you also have a wooden fence, you can make a weekend project of staining the fence and the deck all at once (which will also ensure that the finish matches).  

Bring out your patio furniture 

Getting outdoor patio furniture ready for spring cleaning your backyard.

Give your patio furniture VIP treatment at the start of the season: Thoroughly wash everything before arranging your seating area.  

  • Use warm soapy water or all-purpose cleaner to clean plastic and metal chairs and table frames, then rinse with a hose.  
  • If you have any canvas chairs, the canvas panels can usually be machine washed (check your chair’s product information to make sure).  
  • Seal and condition wooden tables and chairs with your preferred wood treatment product, such as teak oil. 

For specific advice on cleaning specific materials or if you’re unsure of the best way to clean a piece of your patio furniture, give us a call.  

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Set up your barbecue and get grilling

Spring clean the bbq to cook steaks in your backyard. First, inspect for damage and debris. Insects or small animals might have moved in during the winter, or exposure to the elements may have led to some rusting. Either way, give it a once-over and a good cleaning. 

If you have a gas barbecue, you should also take a moment to check the fuel line for any cracks or holes. To thoroughly check for small leaks, try the  soapy water test—it’s easy, fast, and effective.  

To clean the grills, turn your barbecue on high and close the lid for 10 minutes. This will burn away most of the mess, and then you can use a wire or wooden grill-cleaning tool to scrape away what’s left.  

Is it time to retire your stone-age barbecue? Are you still using your ex-roommate’s parents’ hand-me-down that you traded for a case of beer in college? Maybe this is the year for a much-needed upgrade! We can help with that.

Check and service all your machines 

  • If something looks amiss with your BBQ and/or outdoor fireplaceget it serviced! 
  • Check that your lawnmower, weed trimmer etc., are all oiled up and running smoothly.  
  • Get your lawnmower blades sharpened in the spring, and make sure that you’ve got plenty of weed trimmer line on-hand. 

Find your green thumb

Spring cleaning your garden in your backyard.

Whether you go all-out with a vegetable garden or keep things simple with potted herbs and flower beds, now’s the time to plan your garden, fertilize your soil, and make sure you have everything you’ll need to let your green thumb thrive! 

Plan big 

Do you have bigger projects in mind for this season (such as building a deck extension or a raised planting box)? If so, it’s not too early to find plans and begin gathering materials.  

Whatever your plans are for this season, we hope that you and your family enjoy your outdoor space to the fullest! 

Here are a few additional resources to get your Spring cleaning started:  

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