Trek 2.0 Grill w/ Wi-Fi and Dual Meat probes



Embark on a wood-fired journey with the Green Mountain Grills Trek2 Pellet Grill, a compact powerhouse redefining the standards of pellet grilling. Perfectly suited for the adventurer, whether you’re a backyard BBQ hero or an avid camper and tailgater, the Trek2 offers unmatched flavor, consistency, and control. This grill is designed for the modern outdoor chef who demands the best in heat distribution, smoke circulation, and temperature precision.

With its innovative rounded/peaked hybrid chamber, the Trek2 ensures optimal heat flow and smoke envelopment for that perfect 360° wood-fired taste. The TREK PRIME® 2.0’s cutting-edge design elevates backyard cooking, offering unparalleled versatility and customization options, especially when paired with the TREK CART.

The introduction of the GMG PRIME 2.0 App revolutionizes how you grill, providing WiFi Smart Control for monitoring and adjustments on the go. AC + DC Dual Power Versatility means your grilling adventures are limitless, while RACKT™ Technology, a wood-fired pizza oven capability, and a broad temperature range of 150°-550°F ensure culinary excellence.

Grill features include enhanced stability with larger legs, direct 12V power, dual meat probes for precise cooking, an Ashvac cleanout system for easy maintenance, and an external heat shield adjustment rod for perfect cooking conditions. Experience the future of pellet grilling with the Green Mountain Grills Trek2 and elevate your outdoor cooking to new heights.

Weight 0.00 lbs


67 lbs


18 in


34.25 in


24 in

Product Dimensions
Depth 24 in in
Height 18 in in
Weight 67 lbs lbs
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