Pizza Oven Temp Gun IR



The Green Mountain Grills Infrared Temp Gun is an indispensable tool for any GMG Pizza Oven Attachment owner, offering instant temperature readings from a distance of up to 5 feet. Designed specifically for monitoring the temperature of your pizza oven attachment, this thermometer ensures precise control over your cooking environment.

Featuring a large, back-lit LCD display, this temp gun provides clear visibility of temperature readings across a range of -58 to 1,022 degrees Fahrenheit. Whether you’re aiming for the perfect pizza crust or ensuring your oven is at the ideal temperature for other culinary endeavors, this tool has you covered.

Powered by a 9V battery, the temp gun is both portable and convenient, allowing you to take accurate temperature measurements wherever you go. Say goodbye to guesswork and hello to precision cooking with the GMG Infrared Temp Gun, your trusty companion for mastering the art of wood-fired pizza and more.

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