High Country™ 3000 Wood Fireplace

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Napoleon’s High Country™ 3000 Eco achieves lowest emissions possible while still maintaining its heat. Easily increase the airflow through the unit to aid in starting a fire or when reloading fuel. A digital catalyst temperature monitor allows the operator to ensure their fireplace is always within the optimal temperature range to provide the lowest emissions possible, while the improved air wash system allows glass doors to stay cleaner. Add the luxury of a wood-burning fireplace to your home while remaining eco-conscious.

Weight 602 lbs
Dimensions 26.3 × 46.5 × 50.75 in

Unit Weight (lbs)


Unit Length (in)


Unit Width (in)


Unit Height (in)


Shipping Dimensions
Depth 26.3 in
Width 46.5 in
Height 50.75 in
Weight 602 lbs
Product Dimensions
Depth 29.25 in
Width 42 in
Height 48 in
Weight 551 lbs
Depth 26.3 in
Width 46.5 in
Height 50.75 in
Weight 602 lbs
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