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Living Insect-Free: Tips to Make Your Backyard a Bug-Free Zone

With summer around the corner and the new normal we are living in, we want your backyard to be your sanctuary. And you know what doesn’t help create a peaceful summer vibe? Bugs. 

We’ve all been there. It’s a beautiful summer night and you’re enjoying a delicious meal on your back patio. All of a sudden a group of mosquitos is circling the table and now you’re using your salad tongs to swat them away. 

Bugs are a nuisance and besides ruining your meal, they can damage your plants, carry diseases and invite other pests into your backyard paradise. 

When swearing and swatting at them won’t work, here are six easy ways to keep the bugs away so you can enjoy your backyard in peace. 

Six Ways to Turn Your Yard Into a Bug-Free Zone 

1. Weekly Yard Maintenance 

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Overall backyard maintenance is key; raking, trimming and mowing. Bugs love to settle in high grass and weeds, so it’s important to continually mow your lawn to keep your grass short and eliminate weeds. Keep your bushes and shrubs trimmed. Throw out debris in your backyard, and any garbage that bugs can hide in. You should also dump out any excess water that’s been sitting in containers to prevent potential breeding. 

2. Add a Bird House 

Not only is a birdhouse a lovely addition to your backyard, attracting birds means you’ve got bugs’ enemy #1 nearby. Swallows and songbirds enjoy eating those annoying pests. 

3. Portable Fan 

A portable fan in the backyard can also be an easy way to send those bugs into the wind. The extra breeze can disguise the delicious barbecue scents and it can also make it difficult for them to get near you in the first place. A portable fan is also convenient because you can easily move it around your backyard and not worry about the cords.

4. Change Your Light Bulbs 

Bugs love light but they prefer some more than others. Research has shown that for the best results, use LED bulbs because these are less appealing to bugs compared to incandescent light bulbs. 

5. Add an Herb Garden 

Herb plants such as basil, citronella, lavender and lemongrass have been known to repel mosquitos. So we’re offering you a win-win: keep those bugs away and you’ll also have fresh herbs to put in your mojito when you’re enjoying your bug-free backyard.

To build your own herb garden, the main things you need are large clay pots, potting soil, fertilizer and a watering can. Purchase the herbs you’d like to add to your yard and get planting. 

6. Smoke 

As you probably know from your family camping days, bugs don’t like smoke. So why not bring the camping experience to your backyard? If you’re wanting to splurge on something more luxurious, consider adding a firepit to your backyard. Not only will it provide an endless supply of s’mores and camping ambiance in your backyard, but it will also keep the bugs away. To find out more about our selection of outdoor fire products, click here. 

There you have it. Six tips and tricks to keep those bugs at bay. We hope these tips will help you and your family enjoy the hard work you put into your backyard and relax in peace.

At The Fireplace Center & Patio Shop, we get to know our customers and their vision to make the best recommendations possible. Give us a call and we’ll be happy to guide you through the process of choosing the firepit that will fit your backyard’s style and keep those bugs away!

Do you have any tips on keeping your yard bug-free? Have you tried any of these tips yet? Let us know by commenting below. 

Note: The City of Ottawa allows the use of outdoor fireplaces and specifically designed firepits fuelled by Ethanol, propane and natural gas, but has strict regulations on open-air wood fires. See regulations for details

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