How to Beat the Heat This Summer

Our Canadian summers don’t last long, so of course, you want to spend every possible minute soaking it up outside. That being said, it’s important you stay safe and find ways to beat the heat and stay cool.

While we all enjoy a beautiful day sitting poolside, working in the garden, or having a family BBQ, sometimes you just need a break from that big old ball of fire in the sky! Here are our recommendations to enjoy your summer to the fullest while staying the coolest. 

How to Beat the Heat & Stay Cool This Summer

Under the umbrella tree

If you’re seeking shade, but there are no trees in sight, you may need to create your own. The good news is that it doesn’t need to be complicated. A simple umbrella will do the trick! Add a table with an umbrella hole to give your patio shade, ideal for keeping outdoor dining more comfortable and more comfort means more time outside.

Here at The Fireplace Center & Patio Shop, we offer various umbrella-ready tables, available in different sizes, shapes and finishes. Get in touch, and we’ll help you find one for your backyard oasis!

Be ready when the sun hits

If you’re looking for more coverage, we recommend a Rolltec retractable awning. Function meets elegance with Rolltec. Suppose you’d like to cover a specific section or maybe even your entire patio. In that case, these awnings are an excellent addition to help you get even more out of the summer season. 

Rolltec is a leading Canadian manufacturer of upscale retractable awnings. Not only will you need shade from the sun but also a shield from the rain. With this type of cover, you can sit outside and relax to the sound of a bit of summer sprinkle while you unwind after a long day!

Keep your home cool 

When it’s a real scorcher outside, seeking shade doesn’t always cut it. If you need to take a break and head indoors, you’ll want to be walking into a lovely cool home. Don’t you just long for the AC on those humid days? If you’re thinking, “yes, but… the hydro bill”, let’s chat! Our technicians will help you choose the best quality, most efficient air conditioner for your home. 

No ducts? No problem! You don’t have to settle for sitting in front of a fan, though let’s be honest, we all love talking into a fan at high speed. Napoleon ductless air conditioners are a cost-effective, energy-efficient option.

Cool off with an icy drink 

Photo credit: Traeger Grills

Here’s the tastiest way to cool off on a hot day… an iced cold bevy! If you’re spending time outside, we encourage you to stay hydrated. Be sure to drink water regularly, especially if you’re out there working in high temps. Then, when you’re ready to kick your feet up and treat yourself to something with a bit more flavour, try this delicious daiquiri recipe from Traeger!

This Strawberry Basil Daquiri puts an exciting twist on a classic with grilled (yes, grilled) strawberries! Add sugar, fresh basil, rum (if you wish) and simple syrup, mix well, and you’ve got a delicious, refreshing drink that will help you chill out on even the hottest days! Add some from basil for garnish, and you’ve got a picture-perfect drink everyone will want to try.

Whichever way you choose to beat the heat, our team is here for you! From umbrellas and awnings to air conditioner installs, we’ll help you get the most out of your summer. To get started check out a few of our current promotions. 

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