Gift mom with outdoor patio furniture for mother's day.

Gift Mom A Cozy Retreat For Mother’s Day

Skip the boxed chocolates and bouquets this year. For Mother’s Day, gift mom a beautiful outdoor space that fits their unique style! A new patio furniture set can be enjoyed for years to come, whether your mother (or the mother of your children!) is an enthusiastic entertainer or a sworn homebody.

Give mom a patio oasis for Mother’s Day

Gift mom with outdoor patio furniture for mother's day.

We have the perfect set (or stand-alone piece!) to WOW your mom on Mother’s Day, ranging from classic to bohemian, to ultra-modern. Read on for inspiring ideas in each style!

Gift mom with earthy & smooth patio furniture

Wooden patio furniture to gift mom for mother's day.

Modern design is brought down to earth by the warm and classic feel of wood in the Jensen Leisure collections. While the brand offers various sets that appeal to many styles, they all share the signature use of sustainably sourced Ipe wood. This beautifully finished wood lends all of their pieces a natural and robust look. 

 Styles range from woven chairs and benches to hardwood lounge and dining sets, all crafted with durability in mind. 

 If mom appreciates craftsmanship and timeless, heirloom-quality wooden furniture, look no further! Whether you opt for a whole dining/lounge set or a stand-alone piece like one of the rockers or benches, Jensen pieces are sure to become her favourites. 

Gift mom with sleek & modern patio furniture

Perhaps your mom’s not into the heavy look of wood but prefers the minimalist silhouettes of the Ratana’ Sling’ collection. Sleek, sturdy sling fabric on lightweight and attractive metal framing gives this collection the perfect balance of comfort and modernity. 

An advantage of sling furniture is that chairs and loungers are comfortable without cushions, so they’re very low maintenance. The metal framing is light, and most sling dining chairs are easily stackable. 

From poolside loungers and side tables to dining chairs and barstools, all of the Ratana sling options are sure to lend a sharp and contemporary aesthetic to any outdoor space. 

 Interested? Ask us about our selection of Ratana and Cabana Coast sling pieces!

Gift mom with nautical & fresh patio furniture 

Outdoor patio furniture for mother's day.

Remember those pre-pandemic beach vacations? Cruises? Yep, those were nice. We can all look forward to travelling again soon, but in the meantime, we could certainly use more of a vacation vibe in our own backyards.

If mom is an ocean-lover, consider some patio furniture with a subtle nautical theme! While there’s no replacing the unique peace of the seaside, the Ratana San Sebastien line harkens to beaches and seascapes with plush cushions striped in hues of blue and sand. Boxy, modular frames are softened by woven coverings and big cushions, making for deep and cozy sectional seating. 

If mom misses the neat rows of lounge chairs on the decks of cruise ships, She’d definitely enjoy relaxing in the Cabana Coast Element lounge chairs. Another lightweight sling option, this no-fuss design calls to mind the sleek functionality of sailboats… perfect for poolside chilling!

For a beachier style, check out the Breezeway or Cove lines by Cabana Coast or Ratana’s Copacabana collection!

Gift mom with light and luxe patio furniture 

modern outdoor patio furniture for mother's day.

Are you ever torn between enjoying the comfort of your living room sectional and chilling outside in the yard? With quality outdoor furniture, you can have the best of both worlds! 

Ratana’s Park Lane collection is living-room-couch-comfy, with a polished and luxurious look. The taupe finish aluminum framing is rustproof and scratch-resistant. The plush cushions—while soft and generous—maintain their angular and contemporary shape.

The collection features pieces that can be combined to create a complete seating area: from sectionals and stand-alone chairs to coffee tables, end tables and ottomans… your living room, only better! (P.S. the Park Lane dining chairs and loungers are also beautiful if you wanted to go all-out and bring the same upscale appeal to your whole backyard).

Similar styles are also available from Cabana Coast, such as their Landing & Aura collections (pictured below).

For something a little more delicate-looking, the Polanco collection is a softer and lighter take on mid-century design— with a cozy and elegant feel. As with Park Lane, you can create a complete seating area and/or dining set with this gorgeous and striking collection.

Add a firepit for the ultimate cozy retreat

Outdoor firepit on a balcony for mother's day.

Already set for patio furniture? Bring it to the next level with a firepit! There’s nothing like relaxing in front of a fire— whether you’re unwinding alone or gathering with the whole family. 

If you want to treat your mother to a simple firepit or a full-on firetable, we’ve got customizable options from Ratana and Napoleon, as well as unique concrete creations by Dekko (below).

Consult our team of patio furniture experts to learn more about bringing stylish warmth to your outdoor living space to make Mother’s Day extra special. 

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