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Five Delicious International BBQ Recipes You Can Make At Home

With a global pandemic raging on, it’s obvious all our vacation plans have been put on hold for now. But this doesn’t mean you can’t ‘travel’ within the safety of your own home. Take an epic international food tour through five amazing countries by firing up your grill and recreating these amazing meals.

 Five Delicious International BBQ Recipes You Can Make at Home

1. Korean BBQ: Korea 

Korean barbecue is famous among meat-lovers around the world. Koreans have a deep appreciation for good meat and strong, layered flavours and it shows in their barbecue style. Typical meats you’ll find at a Korean barbecue are pork belly, pork ribs and bulgogi, which is thin slices of well-marinated beef. Barbecuing is an everyday event for many Koreans. It’s common for friends to have a barbecue late at night after work or for families to have their own barbecue indoors at all hours. Because of this, the grills used tend to be small and portable. If you want to have your own Korean barbecue experience at home, you’d want to check out the Napoleon ProQ 285. We love this barbecue because it’s small enough for your condo or apartment balcony, so wherever you are, you can always enjoy a delicious Korean barbecue.

Looking for a recipe? We love this Easy Korean BBQ recipe from Damn Delicious.

2. Baby Back Ribs: USA

There’s a reason why you’ll find barbecue rib festivals all over the world. It’s so darn good. Baby back ribs are often marinated with a sweet, flavourful barbecue sauce before being grilled and smoked for several hours. The result is a sweet and spicy meat that is often so tender and delicate that it literally falls off the bone. You don’t need to go to Texas or splurge on an expensive restaurant outing to make your own delicious ribs. All you need is a Traeger Pro 34 smoker grill. Not only is it durable enough to handle large amounts of food, but it’s also a versatile machine capable of smoking, grilling, baking and roasting everything you can think of.

Looking for a recipe? We love these Grilled Baby Back Ribs from the Food Network.

3. Barbacoa: The Caribbean and Latin America


Barbacoa is a style of barbecue that originated in the Caribbean and is hugely popular across the Americas. It has a similar texture to pulled pork though it has a markedly different taste. Barbacoa is made by smoking seared beef for a couple of hours before braising it in a marinade containing lime, cilantro, cumin and chipotle. Hungry yet? You can take a trip down to South America without having to get on a plane, just by simply recreating this dish in your own backyard. The Big Green Egg is a perfect grill for this specific recipe as it’s able to neatly trap in all the flavours as your meat slowly cooks. To finish it off, all you need is a dutch oven or an instant pot and, of course, an empty stomach!

Looking for a recipe? We love these Backyard Grilled Barbacoa Tacos from Learning to Smoke.

4. Ikan Bakar: Indonesia 

Depending on the country, barbecue doesn’t always have to involve meat. Ikan Bakar is a delicious grilled fish delicacy and just so happens to be a national meal from Indonesia. It’s typically made with freshwater fish like carp or snapper and is marinated in sweet soy sauce, coconut oil, sambal and chillies. Ikan Bakar can be made on any capable grill such as the Napoleon Rogue R425. Simply prepare your fish in the marinade and toss it on a 300-degree Celsius preheated grill. In Indonesia, the fish is wrapped in banana leaves to prevent the skin from sticking to the grill. If you can’t get your hands on banana leaves, some simple foil or parchment paper will do.

Looking for a recipe? We love this Ikan Bakar recipe from The Spruce Eats.

5. Yakitori: Japan 

Yakitori is a Japanese word that literally translates to skewered chicken. It’s a staple across Japan and is eaten as an everyday snack. Different kinds of meat can be used for yakitori, including gizzard, chicken skin, chicken meatballs and cuts of chicken breast. Part of yakitori’s distinct flavour is from the coal used to grill it. If you have a coal grill like the Louisiana Ceramic Series K22, you can easily make your own yakitori at home. All you need are skewers and yakitori marinade which you can find in many specialty foods stores near you. Fire up the grill and in a few minutes, your delicious Japanese barbecue is ready to enjoy!

Looking for a recipe? We love this Soy-Glazed Chicken Yakitori from Food and Wine.

At the Fireplace Center, we have all the grills and accessories you need to have the perfect international food experience! Give us a call and let us give you our favourite tips for the best barbecue recipes!

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