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Fireplace Safety for You and Your Family

Installing a fireplace or fire pit is a sure way to upgrade your home living experience. Historically, fireplaces and fire pits have not only provided warmth but have also been a place where families can bond during holidays or at the end of a long day. Nearly 350 years after the invention of the first fireplace, its main purpose hasn’t changed much and fireplaces and fire pits remain as useful as ever.

Fire pits are great additions to your yard and can turn the most mundane get-togethers into a fun activity. Toasted marshmallows, ghost stories at night and songs with friends, a fire pit can give you that cozy campfire feeling, even if you’re in your backyard in suburban Ottawa.

There are truly no downsides to installing a fireplace or fire pit in your home. However, before you do so, make sure you’re familiar with these important safety tips. 

Make sure your fireplace or fire pit is serviced regularly

Before you install your fireplace or fire pit, have a service person already assigned to educate you on how to use it and what factors to look out for if you suspect there is a problem with it. It’s recommended that you get your fireplace or fire pit checked regularly, even if there’s seemingly nothing wrong with it. 

The Fireplace Center is one of the few places in Ottawa where you can choose your fireplace or fire pit, arrange for the installation and get state of the art servicing throughout the year. If you shop with us, there’s no doubt that you’d be getting a service person who is more familiar with how your fireplace works than any external company.

Ensure wood is in good condition

If you have a wood-burning fireplace or an outdoor fire pit, finding wood is definitely a big priority. Wood-burning fireplaces are great classical addition to your home and can infuse your home or backyard with the scent of some sweet-smelling woods like pine or red oak.

However, make sure that whatever wood you’re using is dry and healthy. Using damp wood in your fire can fill your home with smoke leading to accidents and health issues. Additionally, using and storing wood with rot or pest infestation can affect what healthy wood you may have stored alongside it. 

For this reason, you should also never store wood indoors. Not only is this a fire hazard, but bugs in the wood can also spread in your home and cause some serious damage.

Remain with the fire until it is out

It’s hard to tell when a fire has been extinguished. Although your fire pit may no longer be smoldering, there may be some wood pieces at the bottom that haven’t gone out yet. For safety reasons, always stay with your fire pit even after the fire is no longer burning, preferably until the wood is down to ash. Make sure to stir the wood so you can bring up any bits at the bottom that haven’t gone out yet. And if you’re in a hurry, simply put the fire out by pouring water on it, a little at a time.

Tools and Accessories must be kept away from kids

We all remember how curious we were as children and how fascinating fire was to us. If you have small kids, chances are they feel the same way. For this reason, always store fireplace tools and accessories in a high, secure place far away from the hands of your precious children. Additionally, make sure your fireplace or fire pit has a barrier preventing children from accessing them when you’re not around. This could come in the form of a locked grille or fireproof glass.

Put your fire place at level surface

Make sure your fireplace is installed on stable ground at a level surface to prevent accidents. A fireplace that is on a too low surface can increase the risks of something falling into it and spreading the fire. A fireplace that is on too high a surface could tip over or be overlooked by guests, leading to accidents. If you’re unsure of how high your fire place should be, consult with us and we’ll be glad to give you the best advice.

Clean out the ash

It may be tempting to leave the ash in your fireplace or fire pit until it’s one big pile. This is dangerous. You only need a slight breeze for the hot ash to spread, causing burns or spreading a fire. Cleaning out the ash is particularly important if you have small children in the house as they might be tempted to play with it, sometimes while it’s still hot. 

Installing a fireplace or fire pit in your home will help make your backyard so much more enjoyable for yourself and your family. At The Fireplace Center and Patio Shop, our highly qualified service staff are available to assist and educate you. We look forward to helping you choose the perfect fireplace for your home. 

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