2 toddlers in matching pyjamas while decorating a bright Christmas tree

Deck The Halls (Safely!)

Christmas is almost upon us! This time of year is as exciting as it is busy – there’s the shopping that needs to be completed, there are those activities that have to be planned and confirmed, the decorations that need to go up around the house, etc. Cases of oversight can easily occur in such giddy periods. And, what’s worse, they can expose your home and its inhabitants to some hazardous situations. The fireplace, which is a very prime spot for Christmas decorations at home, happens to be a hazard-prone area. But don’t be alarmed – with these tips, you can decorate your fireplace safely throughout the holiday period.

Keep the fire at bay

Beside the fireplace is a prime location for your Christmas tree, creating a cozy holiday atmosphere. When getting ready to decorate with your ornaments and lights, make sure you don’t forget the 3-foot rule. Your tree and all the ornaments that you hang on it could easily go up in flames if placed too close to the fireplace. This is why it’s advisable to keep your tree a safe distance away from your fireplace – 3 feet away, at least. Also remember that this rule applies whether your tree is natural or artificial, or whether your fireplace is gas, wood or electric.

Dress up your Mantelpiece. Safely.

The mantel-shelf is another prime spot for your Christmas fireplace decorations. A wide variety of things can effectively serve decorative purposes here. Decorative candles, vases, ornaments and figurines are all the perfect mantelpiece decorations. You could also have some art and photographs atop your mantel. Hanging stockings or garlands should be done with extra care because of their susceptibility to catching fire. If you do this, make sure to take them down and move them away whenever you use your fireplace. The holiday season calls for a warm and cozy atmosphere, but safety should always come first. Don’t forget to use suitable candleholders when your candles are lit, and never leave them unattended. Want our advice? Look into getting flameless candles, just to be on the safe side, and save the real flames for the fireplace. Again, please note that these tips are relevant for whichever type of fireplace you may have at home.

Use Your Fireplace Screens

So, what do you do after you’ve got your fireplace set up? You keep all the naked flames restricted. To prevent embers from crackling out of the fireplace, place a screen over the fireplace opening. Doing this protects your decorations and all surrounding articles from fire sparks that could cause these objects to catch fire. These fireplace screens also serve the very important purpose of acting as protective barriers that keep toddlers and children from touching hot surfaces around the fireplace and from getting too close to the flames. However, even with a fireplace screen, children should never be unsupervised around the fire. Fireplace screens can also become hot to the touch and should be handled with care.

Always have a fire extinguisher

One very general rule when it comes to Christmas fireplace decorations and safety is to go for fire-resistant options of the decorative products you buy to reduce any fire hazards. 

And now, the golden rule: always have a well-functioning fire extinguisher which is reachable, and usable by all of the adults.

Incorporating these tips into your holiday decorating will ensure that you and your family have a safe and happy holiday period. And, of course, don’t hesitate to get in touch with The Fireplace Center if you need any fireplace product, assistance or advice on fireproofing your fireplace. 

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