Turkey from Thanksgiving dinner on your BBQ

How to Cook Thanksgiving Dinner on Your BBQ

Are you looking to change things up this Thanksgiving? Maybe it’s time to retire the oven-roasted turkey this year and try making your Thanksgiving dinner on your BBQ.

Pros of Cooking Thanksgiving Dinner On Your BBQ

Turkey from Thanksgiving dinner on the BBQ

There are several perks to preparing your Thanksgiving dinner on the grill. For one, cooking outside means you’re not confined to the kitchen, so you have more space to prep. It also means you don’t have to swelter with the heat of the oven while you’re waiting hours for it to roast. Plus, the grill has more temperature control and will allow you to cook your turkey faster.

But the best part, of course, is the flavour. Not to say that food cooked in the oven isn’t flavourful – but with the added benefit of the smoke, charcoal, or wood from your grill, and the extra temperature control, the taste is simply unmatched.

You can cook any meal on the grill that you would cook in the oven. When cooked directly on the grill, your food will get that delicious charred flavour. Cooked indirectly, it will be juicier and more tender than cooking in the oven.

How to Cook Thanksgiving Turkey on the BBQ

Whether you’re smoking or roasting your turkey on the grill, it’s going to take less time than oven-roasting your turkey.

Smoking or grilling your turkey takes less time than oven-roasting, and it creates such unmatched flavour that it’s a no-brainer.

Depending on the size of your turkey, it will take between 2-4 hours to grill or smoke it. To ensure your turkey is safely cooked every time, use a thermometer.

Here are a few ways to prepare your turkey on the grill:

Traeger’s Traditional Smoked Thanksgiving Turkey

Thanksgiving turkey cooked on BBQ

Napoleon’s Charcoal Roasted Turkey

Thanksgiving turkey on cutting board.

Big Green Egg’s Brined Smoked Turkey

Thanksgiving turkey cooked on BBQ

How to Grill Thanksgiving Sides & Appetizers

What’s better than Thanksgiving side dishes? How about, grilled Thanksgiving sides!

Grill your side dishes for that delicious crispy-on-the-outside-soft-on-the-inside texture, or smoke them for that decadent smokey-flavour.

For more efficient grilling, use an EGGspander or a roast rack for extra space so that you can grill your sides at the same time as your turkey.

Try some of these Thanksgiving side dishes and appetizers:

Napoleon’s Plank-Smoked Mashed Potatoes Recipe

Side dish for Thanksgiving.

Big Green Egg’s Rosemary Yeast Rolls

Thanksgiving rolls on BBQ.

GMG’s Pellet-Smoked Vegetable Medley

Thanksgiving side veggies cooked on BBQ.

How to Grill Thanksgiving Desserts

That’s right; you can prepare your desserts on the barbecue, too! You don’t normally associate the grill with sweet treats, but as we mentioned – anything you would bake in the oven would be even better baked on a grill.

The convEGGtor for the Egg grill is an excellent option for that traditional baked-but-better texture, or you can grill your desserts for a distinct smoky flavour – like Treager’s Grilled Apple Pie Recipe.

Try some of these fall-inspired desserts this Thanksgiving:

Napoleon’s Plank Baked Apple Crisp

Thanksgiving desserts to cook on your BBQ
GMG’s Pumpkin Pie with Bourbon Vanilla Whip

Thanksgiving dessert to cook on your BBQ.

Traeger’s Grilled Apple Pie

Thanksgiving dessert to cook on your BBQ.

How to Make Thanksgiving Drinks on the BBQ

Drinks on the barbecue? That’s right. And no, we’re not taking it too far.

Do you love having a steaming cup of something hot and comforting during the cool seasons? These smoky and spicy drinks from Traeger are a fantastic fall treat to have in place of your dessert or along with your meal.

Smoked Mulled Wine

Mulled wine to cook on your grill.

Smoked Hot Buttered Rum

Hot buttered rum cooked on your BBQ.

Smoke Apple Cider

Thanksgiving drinks to cook on your BBQ.

Do any recipes catch your eye? Whether you’re just cooking for two or cooking for the entire family, we hope we’ve given you some inspiration to get creative and cook your Thanksgiving dinner on your BBQ.

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