Wrapped Christmas presents with a fireplace in the background

Christmas Shopping at The Fireplace Center

Christmas is nearly here, and everybody and their neighbour has either already started their holiday shopping or plans to put it off until the last possible minute. Regardless of which side you’re on, the Fireplace Centre has got you covered for a thoughtful gift for your family, friend, neighbour or even for yourself. Whatever you buy, you want it to be useful; which is why we’ve compiled this practical list of gift ideas to make your Christmas shopping much easier.


The Christmas period is obviously a very apt time for fireplace indulgence. Whether for its warmth to protect yourself against chilly temperatures outside, or the beautiful cozy atmosphere it gives to gatherings on holiday evenings, a fireplace is what you need. Imagine a cold Christmas night with family and friends, all gathered around a fireplace, bonding as the flames crackle! Remember there are several varieties of fireplaces to choose from. You can gift yourself or your family an electric fireplace for a modern feel, a gas fireplace or even a classic wood fireplace. There are endless options to choose from. And if you’ve already got a functioning fireplace, you should consider getting some fireplace accessories to enhance the experience and make maintenance even easier.


It’s simply not Christmas without heaps of food. While Ottawa’s cold temperatures might put off cooking outside, the warmer weather in a few months will make a hero out of anyone who owns a barbecue grill. Thinking of what to get for your eldest kid who just got their own place? Try a big green egg barbecue for portability and compactness. 

Plus, don’t forget your barbecue grill accessories. A Himalayan salt block is a gift that will show you appreciate your friend or family’s culinary expertise, and we can assure you that there isn’t a single barbecue connoisseur who doesn’t appreciate a good barbecue brush. If you’re looking for some barbecue inspiration, check out our article on delicious barbecue recipes to get you through the cold weather.


While the Christmas season may not be the ideal time to suggest an evening out on the patio, outdoor furniture still makes for an excellent gift! When spring arrives, your gifts are sure to be well-appreciated to enjoy the outdoors and long-awaited warmth.


So it’s finally the holidays, you’ve got your fireplace ready, and your Christmas tree all set up with the presents stacked up underneath. Everyone is warm, happy and safe. But have you considered the little ones and their constant toddling? Put two and two together and you can see the potential for accidents that these situations hold. An effective prevention method for this is to get a hearth gate installed in front of your fireplaces, stoves and barbecues as well as any hard corners on your hearth. The great thing about a hearth gate is that it can be customized to suit the design of your home, thereby making a practical addition feel like a special upgrade.

Giving gifts to loved ones during Christmas is always a special moment. You can make this expression of love extra special by getting functional and pleasant gifts that can also create enduring memories for many more Christmases to come. Come over to The Fireplace Centre to take a look at more gift options and talk to our experts. We’d be pleased to have you!

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