15 Easy Christmas Recipes to Cook on The Big Green Egg

Instead of staying cooped up in your kitchen this holiday, why not cook in the great outdoors! Whether you want to bake, roast, smoke or sear, there are countless ways to make your holiday meal an outdoor, wood-fired one using a Big Green Egg.

We’re going to share with you some delicious recipes you can make for the holidays. From mains to leftovers, it’s easy to cook your entire Christmas meal on a Big Green Egg (even dessert).

Big Green Egg’s Versatility Makes It Possible

With its expansive cooking capacity, you’ll find that you can easily cook your entire Christmas meal on an EGG. If you opt for the Eggspander kit, you can cook at different temperatures with different techniques. Cook your turkey and your sides at the same time with their multi-zone multi-level cooking system.

Turkey Recipes on The Big Green Egg

Cook a whole bird or just a breast for your Christmas meal. There are a variety of ways to prep and cook a turkey. Here are a few different techniques to try on an EGG.

1. Smoked Brined Turkey

2. Dr. BBQ’s Injected Turkey Breasts

3. The Perfect Roast Turkey

If it’s your first time cooking a turkey, check out this turkey cheat sheet.

Appetizers and Sides on The Big Green Egg 

Get the party started with these delicious appetizers and sides all made on an EGG.

4. Rosemary Yeast Rolls

5. Brussels Sprouts

6. Planked Brie with Cranberry Relish

7. Savoury Bread Pudding with Corn, Ham and Pepper Jack Cheese

Desserts on The Big Green Egg 

A Christmas meal isn’t complete without dessert! Here are some classic recipes you can cook on an EGG.

8. Chocolate Bourbon Pecan Pie

9. Honey Lemon Cheesecake

10. Crème Fraiche Skillet Cake with Cherries & Rhubarb

11. Pistachio Pudding Cake

Leftovers on The Big Green Egg 

Why limit your leftovers to just a turkey sandwich? Spice it up this year. Top your homemade pizza with leftover turkey or add it to shepherd’s pie. Here are some excellent holiday leftover recipes you can cook on an EGG.

12. Turkey Shepherd’s Pie

13. Barbecue Turkey Pizza

14. Smoked Turkey and Cheddar Mac & Cheese

15. Turkey Potato Skins

Must-Have Turkey Accessories 

Egg Genius 

Let’s you effortlessly control the temperature of your EGG through your smartphone, tablet or computer.

Disposable Drip Pans 

Convenient pans for easy cleanup.

Instant Read Thermometer

You’ll never have to worry about under or overcooking your food ever again. This thermometer provides you with an accurate reading in seconds.

Chef’s Flavour Injector 

Baste and tenderize your bird from the inside out with a flavour injector.

Rib & Roast Rack 

Use the upright rack to hold roasts and poultry, flip it over, and use it as a rib rack.

Ceramic Turkey Roaster

Keep your bird juicy and flavourful by adding fruit juice or beer to a poultry roaster.

Cast Iron Dutch Oven 

This cast iron Dutch oven is perfect for any cooking adventure. From simmering to roasting, this Dutch oven will only improve as it ages.

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This article is an adaptation from our friends at Big Green Egg

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