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Celebrate Mom With A Virtual BBQ Dinner For Mothers Day!

Believe it or not, Mother’s Day is right around the corner! This year it’s especially important to show mom how much you appreciate her. She’s been working extra hard to keep everything running, and her hard work should be recognized. While we might not be able to celebrate all the moms in our lives face to face, there are still plenty of ways to show you care. Our suggestion? A virtual barbecue party!

It’s warming up out there, and the grilling season is fast approaching. Dads often get pegged as top barbecue lovers, but we know moms love it just as much. It’s also a great way to make a meal special in the time of social distancing. If we can’t go out to a restaurant to eat, we can still go out to the back yard! 

With all that said, we’ve collected some great tips and recipe ideas to make a Mother’s Day barbecue party easy.

1. Order Online

There are so many ways to get ingredients delivered to you or to make an order to pick up. Come up with a menu and, if you do have to go into the store, decide exactly what you have to get ahead of time to be as fast as possible. It’s also a good idea to have some backup ideas in case the grocery store is out of something. Things might not be as scarce as they were (I even saw toilet paper last time I was at the store!), but they still might not have the exact ingredients you had in mind. Be flexible.

If you’re able to order the ingredients straight to your mom’s door, that’s ideal, especially if you don’t live near each other. However, if you do live close to your mom’s house and the grocery store of your choice doesn’t deliver, you can pick them up yourself and drop them off to her door.

2. Plan A Hangout

Extend an invitation to all the best moms in your life! Set a time for a Google Hangout or a Zoom call and make sure everyone knows how to join. Have everyone prepare a delicious meal (with mom using the ingredients you’ve delivered), and if you can, arrange to all cook the same kind of thing to make it feel like you’re all celebrating together. Especially remind grandma or anyone else who might be more affected by social distancing to join in!

3. Clean The Yard

You might have cleaned the whole house several times over since social distancing began, but it’s important to clean the backyard now that spring is here. Rake the leaves that have been buried in snow for months, sweep off the porch and the patio furniture, and especially clean up the barbecue. This might be the first time you’ve grilled since last summer, and if that’s the case it’s especially important to check over the grill to make sure everything is in proper working order. 

4. Plan A Perfect Menu 

Remember it’s Mother’s Day, not just any barbecue night. You can find lots of recipes online, but here are some ideas: 

Grilled seafood like salmon and shrimp are a great alternative to burgers and hot dogs and will elevate your dinner to a new level. If that’s not your preference, chicken is also a great option for the main course. There are some delicious and unique grilled chicken recipes out there.

Barbecue some veggies for a perfect side no matter what main you decide on. Pop a selection of carrots, cucumbers, asparagus and cherry tomatoes on and when they’re cooked top them with a drizzle of olive oil. Or, if you’re feeling really fancy, why not make a delicious salad with grilled zucchini and a nice cheese?

You can do dessert on the grill as well. Here’s something you might not have thought of: cut some peaches in half, take the pits out, brush them lightly with a neutral oil so they don’t stick and put them flesh-side down on the grill. When they have some delicious looking grill marks and are cooked through, pull them off and while they’re still hot add a scoop of vanilla ice cream. Now that’s something mom won’t forget!

There are lots of ways to celebrate mom even when socially distancing, and you can be sure that no matter what you do this Mother’s Day will be truly one-of-a-kind. Make it a great day with family, even if it’s only through the internet. Whatever you do, make sure mom is appreciated. And if you need any help with your barbecue, our team here at The Fireplace Center is ready to answer any questions!

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