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A Backyard Designed for Entertaining

Summer is finally here in Ottawa and the weather is heating up! The best part about this time of the year is spending time outdoors. Backyard barbecues, neighborhood parties, and late nights out on the patio are what makes summer so special. Your backyard should be the place to be this summer, but isn’t it expensive to turn your underused outdoor space into the ideal party place? It doesn’t have to be!

Read on for our top tips on how to make (very affordable) upgrades to your backyard or patio.


There’s nothing worse than having your family or friends over and having to deal with nosy neighbours poking their heads into your yard. Keep unwanted visitors from peeking in with privacy walls or a pergola. It’s a simple step that takes your patio to the next level.

Make your space private and secluded with these structures and increase the style points your patio gets at the same time! The right privacy wall or pergola will bring both a feeling of exclusivity to your yard and be a decorative way to express your style. It’s also a fantastic way to create more shade for the hottest of days!


The key to any backyard party is the barbecue. Don’t be the person who realizes too late that their barbecue gave up over the winter. Make sure to get the important equipment that’ll keep all your guests full and happy. A barbecue doesn’t just get more unreliable as it gets older, but it can also impact the taste of the food. There’s nothing worse than spending all that time cooking only to have a sub-par result because you’re not using the best tool for the job.

Make sure you’re serving your guests the best food possible by upgrading to a new grill, ensuring that it fits with your backyard both in terms of size and style.


A new grill is a fantastic way to cook for the whole party, but you can set your food apart with the addition of a smoker. Smoking adds new dimensions to the flavour of your food and will ensure that people talk about the food you serve for weeks.

One of the best smokers on the market is the Big Green Egg, which doubles as a grill and can cook almost anything you want it to with the right accessories. You’ll be the talk of the neighborhood with your Big Green Egg, which comes in sizes and prices to fit all lifestyles and budgets.


Next to food, what is most important for the success of your barbecue party? The furniture you eat it on. A large patio table means you and your guests can all sit together, rather than splitting off into smaller groups to fit around lesser tables. The right furniture will be comfortable, look stylish and last for years.

When deciding on your new patio furniture there are some things to keep in mind. For example, what is the shape and size of your yard or patio? What is your preference for material and style? Once you make all the important decisions, make sure to get the pertinent care and maintenance information to ensure your furniture lasts year round. Additionally, don’t forget to bring your tape measure along to check that everything will fit in your space the way you want it to.


After you eat, as the sun goes down, don’t head inside for the rest of the evening! Instead, you and your guests can lounge out in the yard with some comfortable outdoor furniture to relax on. The best part is that the right patio couch or chair isn’t only great for large gatherings! After everyone has said their goodbyes, curl up with a book under the stars or take a nap in the sun the next morning. Go ahead – you deserve it!

Not only will you impress your friends and family with your comfortable patio, you’ll also have made your backyard the place you want to spend your time in.

Take advantage of this summer. Don’t spend it in the house, racking up the air conditioning bill. Get outside to enjoy the fresh air and the warm weather. Invite your guests out into a backyard built for entertaining.

The experts here at The Fireplace Center and Patio Shop want to help you make this the best summer ever! Come to us with your questions and we’ll make sure your backyard is in the best shape its ever been.

You made it through another Ottawa winter – now go enjoy your summer!

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