A Family sits around a firepit in their backyard

9 Ways to Enjoy Your Backyard During the Winter

Some believe that winter means the end of enjoying your backyard. We respectfully disagree!
You can make the most of your backyard during the winter and enjoy time outside with a few simple additions to your space. Let’s take a look at these nine ways to enjoy your backyard during the winter. 

A Family sits around a firepit in their backyard

1) Install a firepit 

It goes without saying that to enjoy your outdoor space during the winter, you’ll need a heat source. A firepit is not only an effective source of heat but also a beautiful centrepiece for your backyard. Pull up some chairs for friends and family and enjoy a relaxing evening around the open flames! Luckily, there’s no shortage of firepits at The Fireplace Center and Patio Shop. 

2) Use outdoor heaters

Besides a firepit, patio heaters are a surefire way to keep the chill away. With waterproof and instant-heat options at The Fireplace Center and Patio Shop, you can have a heater that warms up in seconds and withstands the elements. Patio heaters also offer flexibility: they can be easily moved around your deck, depending on where you want the heat.

A child plays in the snow with his parents and grandfather.

3) Play winter games 

From simply building snowmen or making snow angels with the kids, to sledding and snowball fights, there are endless possibilities for outdoor winter fun! You could also go all-out with a homemade ice rink, a snow maze, or an Olympic-themed party full of games for the whole family. 

4) Make it cozy with the right furniture

Aluminum, resin, and all-weather wicker patio furniture are durable and water resistant, making them ideal for enjoying your backyard during the winter. Bundle up, bring a blanket, and get cozy – you won’t even notice the cold! 

A warm beverage is being passed to gloved hands.

5) Serve warm beverages

A drink makes everyone more comfortable. To enjoy your backyard during winter, serve up some hot cocoa, apple cider, tea, coffee, or whatever hot beverage you like.

6) Get grilling

Barbecuing isn’t just for the summer! Make the most of your backyard by keeping your grill out all year long. Your barbecue will be a source of heat, and you’ll be able to cook delicious meals for your indoor or outdoor get-togethers. Be sure to invest in both a BBQ cover and a grill that will last several years and withstand all seasons – we can help with that. Both Ottawa locations of The Fireplace Center and Patio Shop have a wide selection of high-quality grills that will last you through all seasons for years to come. 

A Napoleon Barbecue with the lid down is dusted with snow.

7) Take cover

Whether it’s an awning, a pergola, or a gazebo, a shelter for your patio is a good idea all year round. Especially to enjoy your backyard during the winter, a cover will help you stay warm and dry even while it snows (and eliminate the hassle of shovelling the area).

8) Try winter gardening

Think gardening is just for the warm weather? Surprisingly, you can grow seasonal flowers, herbs, and hardy vegetables on your patio or in your backyard. Picture rich evergreen foliage, richly-coloured branches, bursts of vibrant berries, and early blooming flowers emerging from the snow. Planting winter-safe plants in your garden adds some beautiful scents and sights to your outdoor space, encourages you to spend more time outside, and helps you make the most of your backyard during the winter. Check out some beautiful winter-friendly plant varieties HERE

Vibrant red berries covered in frost hang on an outdoor branch.

9) Install a bird feeder or birdhouse

Add some interest to your backyard with a bird feeder and/or birdhouse, and watch Ottawa’s amazing variety of winter birds flock to your yard. While it’s always better to bird-watch from outside, you can also place feeders near windows and enjoy your yard’s feathery spectacle from inside. 

A small yellow bird sits atop a fencepost, with snow falling in the background.

Are you ready to enjoy your backyard during the winter? Our experts at Fireplace Center and Patio Shop can help. Give us a call, or drop into your local shop, and we’ll help you create the perfect backyard for whatever winter activities suit your lifestyle.

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