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7 Ways to Create A Winter Oasis In Your Backyard

For some, the winter season signals an end to the outdoor experience. No more hanging out outside with friends and family, no more enjoying the fresh air, no more grill days and no more fun. But it doesn’t have to be this way.

Follow these seven tips to winterproof your backyard and turn it into a cozy oasis that you can enjoy no matter the temperature.

1. Invest in A Firepit/Fire Table/Fire Bowl

It goes without saying that a winter oasis requires a heating source. Thankfully, countless options are available in different styles, colours and fuel sources.

A firepit is a great investment since it lasts for many years and can be used as a source of heat whenever. It’s also a great focal point for your backyard; your loved ones can gather around it, much like indoor fireplaces.

2. Add A Patio Heater

If you’re building your winter oasis on your patio and don’t want a fire pit, it’s important you get a patio heater to keep you warm.

With waterproof and instant-heat options, you don’t have to worry about sitting in the cold waiting for it to power up. You can also move your patio heater around your patio depending on where you want the heat.

3. Create Shelter

You need protection from the elements all year round; winter is no different. In your backyard, your shelter is an extension of your home, which means you can decorate it to your heart’s desire.

The important thing to remember is that it has to keep out rain, wind and snow and should be capable of sheltering several people. For these reasons, make sure your shelter is strong and sturdy.

Thankfully, you can choose many options depending on your vision for your winter oasis. Gazebos, pagodas, pavilions and even retractable awnings are all perfectly suitable shelters.

4. Include Cozy Seating Options

Cozy seating is a must-have for sitting around a firepit.  With a cozy winter-approved sofa set, you and your family can hang back and relax in comfort.

Invest in seating that is soft, cushiony and covered in a material that traps heat. And when you’re indoors, be sure to have the furniture covered and the cushions kept inside. There are many options to choose from, like wood, wicker, or aluminum sets that come in many colours.

5. Stay Warm With Blankets

Simply wearing a winter jacket is no way to enjoy your winter oasis. Bundle up with layers on layers of blankets. Stock up on a variety of blankets in all shapes and sizes. Insulated blankets are best.

Some people like to have multiple blanket layers, while others love that one massive one. So think about your family and friends when you go blanket shopping!

6. Light Up Your Backyard

You’ve probably started setting up your Christmas lights, so why not use this opportunity to put up some permanent lighting in your backyard?

As the days continue to get shorter, adding the right backyard lights will light up the area and set the right ambience.

Finding backyard lights can also be a great activity for the family. You can experiment with different colours and let your kids try their own designs for laying out the lights.

7. Pick The Right Grill

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An oasis is a place of comfort. Your kitchen is also a place of comfort. So why not combine them in the form of a grill?

Your grill is the final touch that brings your backyard to life. Just because it’s winter doesn’t mean you can’t have a barbecue. Much like blankets and seating, there’s no end to the types of grills out there. Be sure to invest in a grill that will last several years and withstand all seasons.

Instead of moving inside for the season, try out these tips to bring warmth and comfort to your backyard. Hurry, the great outdoors awaits!

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