No Ducts....No Problem

Introducing Ductless Heat Pumps for efficient heating and cooling of your home

Ductless heat pumps and air conditioners are a cost effective alternative to installing a central unit, which could require expensive ductwork and additional heating and cooling equipment. Napoleon’s complete line of ductless heat pumps are available in 17 SEER, 21 SEER and 25 SEER models. Napoleon also offers a 15 SEER ductless air conditioner for those who do not require a heating application. Whether you need
a single ductless unit, or multiple units throughout your home, we have you covered.

 We have a wide variety of options available from air conditioners to heat pumps. Contact our engineers and we would be happy to recommend the optimum ductless solution for your home.

Multi Zone Ductless Heat Pumps

Multi-Zone Ductless Heat Pumps

Ideal for homes without ducts, but multiple rooms to heat and cool

Napoleon’s NMZO-B is a quiet, compact outdoor heat pump. Designed to accommodate any home without ducting, the NMZO-B can run up to 4 indoor zones at a time. With Napoleon’s multi-zone heat pump can accommodate your heating and cooling needs.

  • Can operate with up to 4 indoor units
  • Multi-zone capacity means space saving for outdoors
  • Additional indoor units can be installed at any time
  • Indoor units can be individually controlled
  • Mix and match with NH21 Series 9,000, 12,000 and 18,000 BTU/H indoor heads (NH21-09F-I, NH21-12F-I, NH21-18F-I)
  • Mix and match with 12,000 or 18,000 BTU/H cassettes
  • Functions in temperatures as low as -25˚C/-13˚F

    *Multi-zone units offer different indoor and outdoor models based on each room size and installation requirements. Please note BTU’s and SEER ratings and dehumidifying levels will change depending on the models selected.

                                                        Brochure                             Manual

NH25 25 SEER Heat Pumps

Ideal for homes and condo's without ducts,

Napoleon’s NH25 Series ductless heat pumps are the perfect addition to any home without ducting. Clean, sleek and easy to use, Napoleon’s NH25 Series will meet all your heating and cooling needs.

NH25 ductless heating and cooling

  • R-410A Chlorine-free refrigerant
  • Refrigerant Leak Detector
  • Sleep Mode for energy efficiency
  • Compressor Heating Belt
  • Cold Catalyst Filter
  • Louver position memory for consistency
  • Hyper Heat feature – functions in temperatures as low as -30˚C / -22˚F (NH25-09F, NH25-12F, NH25-18F and NH25-24F models only)
  • NH25-30F and NH25-36F models function in temperatures as low as -15˚C / 5˚F
  • Up to 25 SEER

                                                        Brochure                             NH25 Manual