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Sep 21

Written by: Roger Harley
9/21/2020 12:19 PM 

The leaves are changing colours! All too soon, it seems, fall is here. While the year has been different from what any of us expected, some things have remained constant like the changing of seasons.  

As we wrap up our final summer barbecues, it’s time we start thinking about cleaning out our backyard to get it ready for the season ahead.  

We know it doesn’t sound very glamourous, but we strongly believe that cleaning out your backyard doesn’t have to be a hassle. If you’re using the right tips and tricks, fall-proofing your backyard should be a breeze. Trust us!  

We’ve put together a simple checklist that should make this autumn tradition simple and maybe even fun!  

Do A Walkaround 

Before you start cleaning up your backyard, take a walk around your property and make a note of everything that needs to be tidied up or fixed. It’s tempting to skip this step but the biggest timewasters tend to be areas you didn’t realize needed cleaning up until it was too late. Once you’re done with your walkaround, sort out your items on the list based on priority level and cleaning method. Now, you’re ready to get to work! 

Rake Into Rows 


Clearing dead leaves around your home is important because they can become a habitat for mice, rats and other pests if left unattended. The dead leaves can also clog your gutters, which can damage your drainage system and leave you with more work than you initially planned.  

If you’re bagging your leaves, a quick tip is to rake them in rows instead of piles around your lawn. This makes it much easier to clear up once you’re done.  

The bagged leaves can be shredded and used as mulch around your trees and foliage. This can keep your trees happy during the winter and will reduce the occurrence of weeds during spring. 

Trim Your Trees 


Trimming your trees should be done when temperatures are much cooler, ideally in October or November. If you’re unsure of how to prune your trees, it’s a great idea to get some help from an expert.  

Why should you trim your trees? 

Trimming your trees ensures they grow healthily once the weather gets warmer. It’s a quick process and in return, your backyard will look much better in the spring because of this! 

Clear Out The Veggies 

If you have a vegetable garden, old plants and weeds must be pulled out after the final harvest of the year. Compost and mulch can be added afterwards to prepare the land for planting next year. 

Take Care Of Your Lawn