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Sep 9

Written by: Roger Harley
9/9/2016 10:37 AM 

The best way to mount a tv above a fireplace - Valor Heatshift

Traditionally the challenge with mounting a tv set above a fireplace is........

Heat - Fireplaces produce it, tv's don't like it

The heat produced by a fireplace has to be prevented from damaging the surround, the mantel and the tv. Typically this requires a more complex, more expensive installation requiring heat resistant materials.

If only there was a way to distribute the heat around the tv?

Watch this short video to see how Valor solved the problem.

Gas fireplaces are a very efficient way to heat your home.

Zonal heating - They heat only the room you are in
Power outages, no problem -  They require no electricity to operate
Low cost - natural gas prices are very competitive in Ontario, especially compared to Hydro

The neat things about the new Valor heatshift system are:

> The tv can be mounted lower (avoiding the pain in the neck)
> The room is more comfortable as the heat is directed more evenly
> A better looking focal point because combustible materials can now be used all the way up to the fireplace surround
> If you wanted to you can even distribute heat to other rooms

All this and great looking linear gas fireplaces too.

Valor Heatshift System details...


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