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Welcome to our Fireplace, BBQ and Patio Blog

Author: Roger Harley Created: 10/9/2013 1:58 PM
A collection of interesting articles, video, FAQ, hints and tips about fireplaces, BBQ's, patio furniture and all things outdoor rooms.

Just in time for holiday season. A simple and delicious recipe for cooking Turkey courtesy of Big Green Egg, including what size turkey fits what size Big Green Egg and roasting times.

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A hot topic recently is the news that 9 months after an ice storm left thousands of Toronto residents without power for several days GTA hospitals are experiencing a baby boom. No doubt, an amusing story, but this prompts the more serious question. What would you do if you were without power or utilities for several days this winter. In this article we have some practical suggestions for back-up heat sources for Ottawa winters (that don’t involve making babies).

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As a homeowner, you have probably started to receive some pretty alarming energy bills this winter and maybe even heard or read some disturbing news reports. So we thought it might be useful to provide a summary and hopefully useful advice on how to heat your home without breaking the bank.

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For those of you brave enough to take on Ottawa winters and light up the BBQ on Super Bowl Sunday, here is a great recipe cooking shrimp on a regular BBQ using an island grillstone.

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Great video showing how anyone can cook a perfect steak on a Big Green Egg BBQ.

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