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Welcome to our Fireplace, BBQ and Patio Blog

We’re well into the fall season now and it won’t be long before you-know-what starts to cover the ground. But let’s not jump too far ahead – there’s still time to enjoy the outdoors and your backyard during these cooler days of autumn.

A big sweater and cozy blanket will help but there is another sure-fire way (pun intended) of adding heat and ambience to your outdoor space and that’s a fire pit!

Practical, aesthetically pleasing and suitable when it comes to local bylaws, fire pits (and fire bowls or tables) are all the rage right now.

Let’s look at why they’ve become so popular.

What Is A Fire Pit?


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Looking to add a fireplace to your home? We'll help you decide whether a gas or electric fireplace is right for you.

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