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Welcome to our Fireplace, BBQ and Patio Blog

Have you ever met someone who didn’t like a good barbecue? Neither have we. Rain or shine,  — but preferably shine — cooking your food outdoors is always a crowd-pleaser and a great team activity. Not to mention, all food tastes infinitely better when it’s smoked or grilled. 

Even the most basic foods can take on a whole new flavour profile depending on what you do with it. Don’t believe us? Check out our suggestions for some new meals to try out.

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Installing a fireplace or fire pit is a sure way to upgrade your home living experience. Historically, fireplaces and fire pits have not only provided warmth but have also been a place where families can bond during holidays or at the end of a long day. Nearly 350 years after the invention of the first fireplace, its main purpose hasn’t changed much and fireplaces and fire pits remain as useful as ever.

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